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  Monday, Jan 1, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
MWGL Road Trip
- Posted 2:12 PM By Krogue
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In June of this year the "Cyberathlete Professional League" will be hosting their CPL World Championship: US Qualifier in Dallas Texas. I am interested in seeing how many MWGL members would be interested in going and playing/competing at this massive LAN gaming event.

The exact date has not been announced yet, but here are the particulars from their website The CPL:
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Hotel: Hyatt Regency Dallas
  • Date: June 2001
  • Expected Attendance: 700
  • BYOC size: 500
  • Official Tournament Game: Quake 3 / Team
  • Tournament Competitors: 40 Teams
  • Cash Prizes: $25,000
  • General Admission: $40 online / $50 door
  • Main Sponsor: To be Announced
  • This is just a snippet from their latest press release dated November 11, 2000
    The Cyberathlete Professional League or CPL, a division of NewWorld.com, Inc., is awarding $600,000 in cash and prizes at tournaments in three continents this year. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CPL has created custom computer networks at local gaming competitions for more gamers than any other organization. CPL events feature professional gaming tournaments, computer gaming software & hardware exhibitions, enthusiast "bring your own computer" LAN arena, spectator area and workshops.
    Don't you wish you could have just a tiny bit of that $600,000. I have sent an e-mail to Mike Wardwell, the League Commissioner, inquiring about the particulars of entry, date, and location. I will let you know what info I get back from him. Let me know if you are interested by leaving info in the comments section of the header to this article.
    Mechwarrior 4 -- Gettin' to Blow Shit Up Again !!!!
    - Posted 8:22 PM By Krogue
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Well, I just spent the last two hours playing the exclusive 250 MB Demo from PC Gamer for "Mechwarrior 4 - Vengenace", and of that time, most of it was spent firing the same two weapons for 5 minutes just to blow up one enemy mech.

    This Mechwarrior game just proves that a great idea can be whipped to death. Don't get me wrong, when I am in the mood to get into a big metal can with weapons and blow shit up, this is the game I am going to do it with. However, that is all this game has to offer.

    My recommendation is to wait till this game ends up in the bargain bin at Babbages or Software Etc. before you invest any money in it. However, I have been wrong once before (but it was a long time ago); so if you would like to see for yourself, but don't have a subscription to PC Gamer, you can check out Microsoft's 69 MB playable demo at Microsoft's Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance Demo. Let me know how right or wrong I am.
      Tuesday, Jan 2, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Rick Goodman's New Baby
    - Posted 8:18 PM By Krogue
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Imagine if Civilization, Age of Empires and Warcraft had some kind of wierd menage-a-trois love child: the result would be EMPIRE EARTH, the upcoming new release from Age of Empires lead designer Rick Goodman. This game looks KICK ASS !!! The game is slated for a mid-year release and is being distributed by Sierra Studios.

    Some of the games features will include:
  • Epic scope — spans over 500,000 years, from the discovery of fire to laser technology and beyond.
  • Customize your civilization to fit your strategic style by choosing from over 100 attributes, or choose a predefined civilization.
  • 12 historical epochs — replay all of human history or just the period that interests you.
  • Train more than 200 different combat units.
  • Battle on land, air and sea with cavalry, cannon, battleships, submarines, helicopters and even thermonuclear ballistic missiles.
  • Fight wars of the future with robotic and anti-gravity units using energy weapons.
  • Enlist great heroes - such as Napoleon and Patton — to help lead your empire to supremacy.
  • Customize your military units using up to 10 adjustable attributes, such as attack strength, armor and hit points.
  • Deplete opponents' populations by conquering and assuming their citizens.
  • Unleash terrible Calamities, such as volcanoes, earthquakes and plagues.
  • Construct specialized buildings and awe-inspiring Wonders of the World.
  • Research scores of exciting technologies.
  • Fight with eight or more allies and enemies online.
  • Embark on several large single-player campaigns, including training scenarios.
  • Explore random maps, from small to giant, with various terrain types, including marsh, desert, gravel, snow and ice.
  • Create your own custom scenarios and maps with the versatile campaign builder (included).
  • ZDNet started its preview of the game with this quote:
    As development on the popular Age of Empires was nearing completion, Rick Goodman, one of the game's original designers, couldn't help but think of what he'd like to do next. His main ambition was not to create a game that made up more than just four standard periods of recent history, as Age of Empires did, but rather to create one that encompassed the entire history of mankind. His drive eventually led him to leave Ensemble Studios and create Stainless Steel Studios, his own game-development company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, he began work on a truly ambitious real-time strategy game that spans nearly the last half million years of human history and even extends a few hundred years beyond the modern day. "When I was finishing Age of Empires, I was thinking about what would come [afterwards]," says Stainless Steel's Goodman. "I wanted to create an epic strategy game that would simulate what it would be like to run a true civilization." His end result was Empire Earth, a 3D real-time strategy game that starts at the Paleolithic Age and ends 200 years in the future: more than 500,000 years of human history.
    You have got to check out these two things:
  • Empire Earth Gameplay Teaser (This is a self running executable)
  • Empire Earth Teaser (This is a high quality movie in AVI format)
  • I think this game will blow everything before it out of the water. All of the screenshots, and previews look hard core. Let me know what you think, this might turn into a midnight release buying night at Wal-Mart game for me.

      Wednesday, Jan 3, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    New Rune Maps
    - Posted 10:33 PM By Krogue
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    ZDNet's Gamespot just released this bit of news today at 4:53pm ET:
    Human Head Studios announced today that two new maps for Rune are now available for download. The first map, named DM-Sanctum, is a conversion of the same map that can be found in both Unreal and Quake III. The other map, DM-Rotarena, is a small one-on-one honor match map where players fight in a rotating arena.
    You can get both the maps from this link Rune Bonus Maps or find out more about the game by reading the full Gamespot review at Rune Review or by checking out the official Rune Website.
    New News Poster
    - Posted 11:00 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For those of you who have not noticed, we have a new person assisting with the news. He has been a MWGL member since the beginning and is one of the original founders. Krogue will try to add a more for those of you wanting more.
    Q3F Beta 2 Update
    - Posted 11:11 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    I noticed that Fortress Center had been contacted with some new information on the Quake 3 Fortress beta 2 release. To start you off, here is a sweet screenshot of the new grenadier. He also had a little input on what the team was doing:
    We are actually doing quite a lot with beta 2 of Q3F so when that’s out we won’t just be looked on as just a Fortress Mod because we’ll be adding a good amount of new gameplay, as well as lovely aesthetics which is my area.
    By the looks of the new skin, this will be an awsome addition to the world of FPS.
    Alliance 2.0 And 2.1 Patch Released
    - Posted 11:37 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Well the Alliance Team released a new version of the Alliance MOD for Quake 3 Arena. Version 2.0 has the 3 following distinct game styles:
    - Alliance in it's purest form is enhanced CTF and DM with an offhanded grapple. Weapons, items, health and armor are picked up in the maps the traditional way, by running over them.
    - Combat is a game which closely resembles Expert Q2. Players spawn with all weapons plus health and ammo regenerate. The weapons balance is slightly different as well as the physics and style of the grappling hook.
    - Instagib is a game some may already be familiar with. Players spawn with an enhanced rail gun. Health and ammo is not an issue because when you shoot your enemy, they are instantly gibbed (killed big time).
    Also, because of a server crashing bug caused by the Wizard Eye, they have released a 2.1 patch. You can download the new 2.0 release and the 2.1 patch from here.
    Q3 1.27 Compatible MODs
    - Posted 11:50 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Q3Center has taken a little bit of time out of its busy schedule to put together a page that lists all the MODs compatible with the 1.27 Point Release of Quake 3 Arena. You can view that list here with links to each of the MODs.
      Monday, Jan 8, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Massively Multiplayer Mayhem from Missouri
    - Posted 2:49 PM By Krogue
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Don't you just love the illiteration?

    Well, Verant Interactive, the St.Louis based company that brought us Everquest, is at it again. They are getting ready to release Planetside, the first ever massively multiplayer persistent world first person shooter of epic proportions. Yeah, you got it, this thing is about 30,000 people in one place blowing the crap out of each other in real time.

    Talk about Unreal Tournament on steroids. This game looks like it is going to be kicking a whole lot of ass. Especially, if our Missouri boys from Verant end up doing half the job and creating half the success of Everquest.

    Check out this preview excerpt from PCGamer:
    So it's you and about 30,000 strangers trying to kill you. You've got a small band of homeboys on whom you can depend for fire support. There's a corporation for which you work, and they'll give you the basic amenities as long as you keep paying them their 20 percent skim. The weapons being used against you are the cutting edge of the far future's most finely-developed killing technology. And did I mention that your taxes are almost due?

    Planetside is set in a far future of relentless warfare and cutthroat competition between mega-corporations. Starting from the safety of a corporate-controlled home city, you will take on freelance assignments, form up long-term alliances with permanent teammates or just attach yourself to ad hoc "parties," and then venture out into the demilitarized zones to accomplish your missions.

    The basic idea, according to lead designer Kevin McCann, is to put players in the role of "mercenaries or worse." You play as a member of a near-lawless futuristic society where life is cheap and ammo is expensive. Seeking to make a living the only way still possible, you'll farm yourself out as a hired trigger in service of one of four massive mega-corporations. The corporate parent will provide you with basic housing, arsenal, and support, in exchange for a cut of all the cash you earn in the field.

    Planetside works off a reward system that encourages you to stick with one character (no matter how many times the guy may get fragged). The idea is to develop this character over time and watch him evolve and expand.

    McCann and his St. Louis, MO-based design team are looking at every possible way to provide compelling reasons for large numbers of strangers to cooperate and wage large-scale battles. The only real way, of course, is to provide a self-serving incentive for these massive efforts: thus the idea of Sanctuary influence. If dozens of players can organize the invasion and take-over of the bases surrounding a Sanctuary, they'll all reap the rewards (and revel in the glory) of economic advantage within that Sanctuary. Using such tricks, McCann hopes for large-scale strategic battles to occur naturally in the gameworld.
    For the full article and screenshots, visit PC Gamer's full preview at PC Gamer Online.
      Wednesday, Jan 10, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Q3 Point Release 1.27h Beta Released
    - Posted 12:45 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The guys over at idSoftware have released Quake 3 Point Release 1.27h beta. Here is a list of the additional fixes for this release:
    - Fixed James model bug
    - CD Key read correctly when starting from Q3A vs TA shortcuts
    - Handicap exploit fixed
    - Bot routing bug fixed
    - Potential 20 FPS increase for some clients :-)
    - Sensitivity is back how it was
    You can download this fix from the MWGL web via [http] or [ftp].
    Diablo II Demo For MAC Released
    - Posted 1:45 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Blizzard has released the Diablo II demo for the MAC lovers out there. You can download this demo from here.
    Half-Life Menu 1.01 Released
    - Posted 2:10 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    I ran past this over on Planet Half-Life. The new Half-Life menu script has been released at version 1.01. Here is a little bit about this script:
    Half-Life Menu is a huge script program, that uses an easy to use in-game menu via echo, that allows you to set virtually any cvar and command known to man from the console.
    You can download this release from here.
    HL War In Europe Beta 2.0 Released
    - Posted 2:32 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The War in Europe MOD beta 2.0 for Half-Life has been released. In this new version you will find:
  • medic class
  • rifleman class instead of the defender class
  • new kar98
  • fixed the onehanded weapon holding of the playermodels
  • new map with a search&secure gameplay
  • balanced the class run speeds
  • some new models
  • much more.......
  • You can download the components from the follwing locations:

    War in Europe Beta 2.0 Full Install [33.5 MB]
    War in Europe Beta 1.6 to 2.0 Patch [10.2 MB]
      Monday, Jan 15, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Global Ops New Barking Dog Project
    - Posted 4:57 PM By Krogue
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The developers of Counter-Strike, one of the most played games of the year, are now working on a brand new Terrorist Vs. Counter-Terrorist first person shooter. Barking Dog, the production company which was also responsible for Homeworld: Cataclysm, is now working on a multiplayer team-oriented shooter of its own. Called Global Operations, this game has been in development for over nine months, using the latest version of Monolith's LithTech engine, and it is being touted by the company as a professional version of Counter-Strike. Global Operations will be a new game that will come out aroung July 2001 at the earliest. Check out the full preview here.

      Tuesday, Jan 16, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Deus Ex Slider Puzzle
    - Posted 11:37 AM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For all you Deus Ex fans out there Universal Constructor has created a kewl slide puzzle. You can get the slide puzzle from here.
    GalaxyQuest MOD For Elite Force
    - Posted 12:04 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There is a new MOD in developement for Elite Force called Galaxy Quest. It still appears very young but could turn out to be a very nice MOD. You can checkout some of their screenshots and get more information about the MOD from here.
    Half-Life Menu 1.02 Released
    - Posted 1:22 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There is a new version to the Half-Life Menu. Here is a list of the updates that are available in version 1.02:

  • Added Sensitivity submenu

  • Added a Connection submenu

  • Added some new commands

  • Here is a little breakdown of what the Half-Life Menu is:
    Half-Life Menu is a huge script program, that uses an easy to use in game menu via echo, that allows you to set virtually any command known to man, from the console. Ofcourse the Menu supports Counter Strike.
    You can get more information and download the release from here.
    Bot Phaser 1.0 Released for Elite Force
    - Posted 1:50 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The Q2Crew has released Bos Phaser 1.0 for Elite Force. In this release you will find:
  • Support for (virtually) every mod
  • DM, TeamDM, CTF Support
  • Cycles every model and skin as a bot
  • Uses every bot script present
  • Can use models and skins for bots even if script files are not present
  • Bot names management
  • Maps/skin browser that shows everyone of them, despite the limitations of Quake3 menus
  • pk3 file analysis, based on pkzip
  • Use of every map, setting the cycle automatically
  • Number of bot and play mode choice, as the other program of the family
  • and all this in less than 100kb!!!
  • You can download or get more information about this new release from the Q2Crew WebSite.
      Tuesday, Jan 23, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    HLMOD Commander 1.1
    - Posted 7:26 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The makes of HLMOD Commander have released a new version 1.1. For those of you who do not know what this application is, here is a little idea:
    HLMOD Commander is for Half-Life 1.1 and earlier tool. This launcher allows you to select the MOD to play and modify the game options. This program also configure Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic bots, cycle-map, the multiplayer and single games.
    Here are some of the additions to the 1.1 release:
  • Best multiplayer mods view (Firearms)
  • Show mod's icon
  • You can skip Opposing Forces introduction
  • New advanced options window with more options
  • Advanced options for Counter-Strike and Action HL mods
  • The server password server is now save
  • RealBots configuration window
  • Show if a waypoint exist for the selected map
  • You can minimise or close HLMOD Commander after launch the game
  • Save the local server mode
  • A lot of bugs fixed
  • This should be a nice little app that will help you keep track of your Half-Life MODs. You can get more information and download this release from here.
    New TFC FoxBot
    - Posted 7:53 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There is a new BOT of the TFC scene. It has a nice list of features which are listed below:
    Bots will do the following if they have a waypoint file for the level. (not all the behavior is listed, but it should give you an idea)

    Bots will roam about looking for:
    - Flags
    - Health
    - Ammo
    - Armor
    - Enemy's
    - Dropped items (flags/ammo etc.)
    - Other items (switches etc.)
    - And depending on their class they will look for
    -- Sniper points
    -- Sentry gun build points/guard points

    If a bot sees a friendly sentry gun, it will drop spare ammo for the engineer.

    When the bot has a flag/key it will attempt to capture it, only engaging the enemy occasionally.

    If the bots health/ammo is low, it will look for some.

    Each class has slightly different behavior.
    Scouts will usually go mainly for flags/keys without engaging the enemy (just running past the enemy)
    spy's will disguise them selves

    Bots in combat will do the following:
    - Jump (rarely)
    - Throw grenades sometimes(if close enough/far enough away)
    - If they can no longer see the enemy, they will attempt to follow them from where they saw them last.
    - Spy's will attempt to backstab (if disguised)
    - If a bot sees an enemy sentry gun, they will attempt to kill it without being shot.

    Bots will sometimes inform you of what they are doing/attempting to do.
    You can download this release and get more infromation from the FoxBot Website.
    CS Server Guide
    - Posted 8:00 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Ever wanted to run your own dedicated Counter-Strike Server. Well one of the guys over at IceGaming, David Balatero, has put together a nice little CS Server guide to help you out. Here is a little clip to get you interested:
    Running a dedicated game server, while it is fun and gives you fine-tuned control over the game that you are running, isn't for everybody. You need the hardware and internet connection to run one, and if, while reading this, you find that you don't have what it takes to run a server, I'd stop reading this guide completely. There are a few factors in running a server, around 3 or 4 main points to cover.
    You can check out the full article here.
      Wednesday, Jan 24, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    HALO WILL Be Released For The PC
    - Posted 11:59 AM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Matt Soell gave his 2 cents on the rumor that HALO will not be released for the PC. Here is a little snip of the reply he posted on the HALO Forums:
    "..it's a load of bollocks. There WILL be a Mac/PC Halo."
    So it looks like HALO is still on for the PC. You can see the whole forum posting here.
    Military Forces Update
    - Posted 6:44 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Military Forces will shortly be ready for a test release under the new 1.27 code for Quake 3. Here is a cut and paste of what they had to say:
    Just a quick update to let you know about my plans. If you have been watching my .plan file lately you have seen that I am working on version 0.15 right now (getting UI work done, fixing bugs etc). When this is finished I will get the first set of the MFQ3 weapons into the game (v0.16) and some other stuff (maybe more UI, early HUD, new vehicles hopefully). After this I will have some big test-sessions and fix things that might appear, and then I will release a first test-version of MFQ3.
    This looks to be a nice TC for Quake 3 arena. For more information you can goto the Military Forces website.
    Duke 3D Maps For Q3a
    - Posted 7:04 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The guys over at Covert Central have announced L.A. Rumble which is a map that is based off of an old Duke 3D map. It was done by the creator of Duke it out in DC. You can download both maps from the Covert Central website.
      Thursday, Jan 25, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    New Cossacks Screen Shots
    - Posted 2:44 AM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For those of you who are big into RTS(Real Time Stradegies), you are going to love Cossacks. It is like AOE2:AOK on steroids. Here are 2 new and 2 old screenshots to get you ready for this release:


    You can check out the other screenshots or get more information on this upcoming March release from the Cossacks website.
    New Return to Castle Wolfenstein Screens
    - Posted 11:44 AM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    PCGamerWeb has put together another preview article of the up come Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Also in this article you can catch a glimpse of some of the new screenshots for it as well. You can check out the article here.
    SCTA For Q3a
    - Posted 1:30 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The makers of SCTA have decided to port the Super Configurable Team Arena over to Quake 3 Arena. SCQ3A will be the name, who would of thought. Here is what they had to say:
    - The SCTA team has spawned a new version of SCTA - SCTA for Q3A! Named SCQ3A, it's exactly like SCTA, minus of course the features that relate to TA functionality. It's the SAME codebase, so it works exactly the same. If you run a Q3A server and you're dying for maximum flexibility, look no further! Head to the files section now!
    Here are what they say are some of the best features:
  • Flexible voting
  • Item swapping
  • Weapon reprogramming
  • Item dropping
  • Extremely flexible, totally new, map rotation system
  • Bugfixes against the base 1.27g/h code"
  • 290 new settings!
  • You can get more information on what is available and download this release from the SCTA/SCQ3A website.
    MFA-Lan Event
    - Posted 8:35 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The MFA, friends of the MWGL, are going to be holding a LAN event the week after ours on Saturday Feb. 24th. There will be prizes, pizza, sandwiches, oh yeah gaming too. For more information you can check out the MFA-LAN website.
    Weapons Factory UT Update
    - Posted 11:25 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Over at the WFUT Website they added some information about the upcoming alpha release of Weapons Factory UT. Here is a little snip of what they had to say:
    Well, mark your calendars. Call your friends. Tell your neighbors. Clip it on the leg of your homing pigeon. The first public release of WFUT is February 9th.
    We figured we would put our perfectionism on hold, and release a playable alpha. It doesn't have everything. A few models, skins, and a weapon or two are missing. But the fun factor is very high.
    You can get more info from the WFUT Site or you can check out this Q&A session that Games Fusion had with the makers.
      Friday, Jan 26, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Soldier Of Fortune Goes Back On Sale
    - Posted 5:15 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    From a little news over at Stomped. British Columbia will resume selling Soldier of Fortune after it was banned from their computer shops for being considered adult material. Here is a little cut and paste from Stomped's website since they had no formal article:
    Stomped has learned that Raven Software's and Activision's controversial first person shooter Soldier of Fortune can now be sold again openly in PC gaming stores in British Columbia, Canada. An Activision spokesperson confirmed to Stomped late Thursday what it had learned from other sources that the Motion Picture Appeals Board in British Columbia had ruled earlier in January that the B.C. Film Classification Office's enforcement of their "adult" rating of SoF would be suspended pending further appeals of the merits of the case.

    Last July, Soldier of Fortune became the first video or PC game to receive an adult rating from the B.C. Film Classification Office. At the time, the office made its decision because, it its opinion, "the depictions of violence against persons and animals are brutal and portrayed realistically and explicitly" in the game. The adult classification put SoF in the same category as pornography, which meant it could not be rented or purchased by minors and could only be displayed in an area restricted to adults. All PC gaming stores in B.C. removed the game from their shelves at that time. Activision formally appealed the decision in August, as did the game's distributor in Canada, Beamscope. (Ironically, Beamscope has since gone out of business). Earlier in January, the Motion Picture Appeals Board ruled that Activision had grounds to appeal the decision and that the enforcement of the adult rating would be temporarily lifted pending the full appeal.

    Brent Devitt, the manager of the PC and video game store Microplay in Surry, B.C., told Stomped Thursday that he was not aware he could once again sell Soldier of Fortune in his store without reprisals from the government. "I would have expected a letter," he said. "They were quite quick in sending us a letter telling us to remove the game." Devitt added that government representatives actually came to his store last year to make sure he was not selling the game and that if they had discovered SoF being sold in his store, he could have received a $30,000 fine.

    In addition to giving SoF the adult rating, the Film Classification Office had also proposed last July establishing its own separate rating system for games. Such a rating system has not yet been established.

    The Activision spokesperson would not comment further on the case. Stomped attempted to contact representatives from the B.C. Film Classification Office for comment Thursday but did not receive a reply.
    If you would like to post comments on the Stomped news you can post then here.
      Monday, Jan 29, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    MWGL Price Watch Report
    - Posted 2:23 PM By Krogue
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    TYAN TRINITY 400 (S1854)
  • With PIII 1 Gigahertz Processor
  • With Heatsink and Fan
  • 100/133 Mhz Bus
  • ATX Form
  • 1 4x AGP / 6 PCI (1 shared) / 1 ISA (shared)
  • Ultra DMA 33/66 IDE
  • $420.00
  • AccuByte
  • 64 Megs of DDRAM
  • 4x AGP
  • TV In and Out
  • 2048 x 1536 Resolution
  • $185.00
  • GoGoCity
  • 5.1 Channel Digital Output
  • Full-Duplex
  • PCI
  • EMU10k1 Processor
  • 512 Voice Environmental Audio
  • 3D Positional Audio
  • $70.00
  • PC Stop


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