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  Monday, Sep 10, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Petition For 3Dfx Support Under WinXP
- Posted 3:36 PM By Kagato
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A petition has been started over at Petition Online to try and get Voodoo (3Dfx) support under Windows XP. Here's their beef:
To: NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA- news)

We, the dedicated customers and users of 3dfx products DEMAND that Nvidia support the customers of 3dfx Interactive. Last year, Nvidia purchased 3dfx Interactive (Their main competitor.), and have not lifted a finger to support existing 3dfx products. They basically bought out 3dfx to kill the company and boost sales of their own products. With the upcoming release of Windows XP, Nvidia has decided to shaft 3dfx owners by not creating compatible drivers for the new operating system. What does this mean? Well users of the Voodoo line of 3dfx card will not able to use all of the features that their card was intended for when they upgrade to Windows XP. Before, users had support for 3D API engines such as GLIDE, OpenGL and Direct 3D. With the new operating system, GLIDE and OpenGL support are gone and games like Quake 2 and 3 (which run under OpenGL) cannot be played by these users. Please sign this petition and DEMAND that Nvidia support these products. Nvidia MUST be shown that when that when they acquired 3dfx, they acquired their customers as well!
Good idea, though I doubt much will come of it, would sure beat using my Voodoo 5500 as a paper weight.
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