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  Monday, Dec 17, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
AvP2 MultiPlayer Patch Released
- Posted 9:26 PM By Kagato
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Monolith has released a Aliens vs Predator 2 multiplayer patch, weighing in at a measly 5MB. Quite a few updates with this puppy, which include:
  • Fixed bug where players could be alive but not visible in MP games.
  • Fixed bug which caused too many object position updates across the network.
  • Fixed bug where players could become solid with other players inside of them in MP games.
  • Custom bandwidth settings now remain what they were when going back to the advanced options menu.
  • Bulletholes and other impact effects from the player's own weapon now show up instantly instead of waiting for verification from the server.
  • Made the update of the local player's flamethrower lag- independent.
  • Dedicated servers start with no server controller. Players must enter the correct password, control "password", to take server control. Only one person may have control at a time. The server operator sets the control password when hosting the game.
  • Disabled the F1 key in Hunt and Survivor modes.
  • Added F3 key for Server Rules display in MP.
  • Smoothed out character and projectile movement.
  • Plasmacaster projectiles can turn no more then 30 degrees from their original trajectory.
  • The Predator wristblade primary-fire will now cut through netting.
  • The Light Predator's ladder speed has been increased so that he moves up and down ladders at the same speed as the other Predators.
  • Phew, quite a few fixes for sure, be sure to grab your copy today.
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