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  Wednesday, Dec 19, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
David Kirk Interview
- Posted 7:08 AM By Kagato
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The Tech Report has a new interview posted this morning reguarding their talks with the Chief Scientist at nVidia, David Kirk. Dr. Kirk has been the head scientist at nVidia since 1997. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and Computer Science degrees, including a Ph.D., from the California Institute of Technology. They cover such topics as new hardware features in GeForce3, the longevity of GeForce3, overclocking, benchmarks, DX8 and more. More snip:
Will we be seeing any more technology advances using software and our current GeForce3 cards, or are they hardware limited? We're thinking of the introduction of 3D textures with this last Titanium release.

It is always our goal to provide continuing value and improved performance to our customers with new driver releases. I can't say what's coming, but you can always expect that each release will expose just a little bit more. This is further leveraged by our Universal Driver Architecture strategy. All of our drivers are compatible with all of our hardware, both backwards and forwards. This means that we can very easily expose more and more functionality over time, in a compatible way. I can confirm that there are more hardware features in the GeForce3 that have not yet been exposed in software. Stay tuned!
I suppose it's a good thing to hear more things coming our way that haven't been introduced yet, but I wonder why they didn't include it with the original drivers? *cough* Marketing *cough*
Source: The Tech Report
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