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  Wednesday, Dec 26, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Aging Consoles Still Kicking
- Posted 9:45 PM By Kagato
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Christmas is gone, along with what little funds you had in your wallet, and you didn't even get that new PS2 or XBox for Christmas! What's a gamer to do if they can't afford to pony of the cashola for todays pay-out-your-nose consoles? C|Net News has written up an article on the state of "legacy" console systems, detailing how previous generation systems (i.e. PS1 and Dreamcast) are available for cheap prices and still boasting a large software catalogue.
Sega's Dreamcast is only two years old but was such a commercial disappointment that the company completely abandoned the hardware market early in 2001 to be strictly a game publisher. The price of the console has plummeted since as the company clears out its inventory, to its current bargain-basement value of $49.99.

Two-thirds less expensive than at this time last year, Dreamcast plays hundreds of games, all reasonably priced between $9.99 and $39.99. It also plays music CDs and has a telephone jack for online game play. No other console currently offers that, not even Microsoft's Xbox, which has a broadband port built-in but no online gaming until early next year. While it may be hard to get a Dreamcast at your local retailer, since there are so few left in inventory, used units are in abundance at online auction sites and can in some cases be had for under $35.
Who knew it was so easy, and cheap, to be old-school, especially with something only several years old!
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