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  Wednesday, Jan 23, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Legion Update
- Posted 8:08 AM By Kagato
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Iain McNeil of Slitherine Software sends word that added some updates to their Legion (an upcoming PC Strategy game) website with:

  • New units for the tribal and Greek nations posted with mini screenshots.
  • Scenario 3 - the Roman invasion of Britannia is described in detail, listing all the nations that will take part and the historical background on these nations.
  • An overview of the strategic AI and how it uses diplomacy has been added.

    What is Legion about exactly? Well, in their own words:
    Legion is the working title for a revolutionary strategy game based in ancient Rome. At the strategic level the player controls vast armies and must carve an Empire from the assortment of tribes and city states that occupied ancient Italy and France. At the tactical level the player must position their armies to take advantage of terrain and make use of the best formations, to ensure victory. Do you have what it takes to become the next Emperor?

    Our aim is to base the game on historical events and peoples, but it is first and foremost a game. This means that at times we have to bend the truth a little or compress time so events and people from slightly disparate times are brought together for a more interesting setting and the best gameplay. Historically many people have ideas about what happened in ancient Rome, but there are many areas that are grey and nobody really knows the full history. This means the small diversions we have taken from accepted history may actually be true rather than the commonly accepted ideas! We're convinced most of you will not be able to tell the difference between real history and our slightly modified version - unless you're a professor of history of course and in that case we can only apologise!
    Included throughout the pages are screen shots of the various units at your command. Look for this title sometime in Spring 2002.
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