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  Thursday, Jan 31, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
TacOps UT Heading For Retail
- Posted 11:03 AM By Kagato
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According to this interview with Infogrames producer Rafael Curulla, they ahve apparently picked up the rights to publish the popular Unreal Tournament mod Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror. Snip:
GameSpyDaily: Why did Infogrames decide to pursue Tactical Ops for commercial release?

Rafael: Infogrames noticed the developers of Tactical Ops several months ago. We were pretty amazed by the work they had already completed, the changes they had implemented to improve their game and the way they handled the Unreal engine. We decided to pursue a commercial relationship because we saw a lot of potential in this game as a stand-alone experience.

We felt that by spending some time on Tac Ops to fix the bugs, add new content, and polish the game we would have a great retail product. We feel there are a lot of gamers out there who have not experienced Tac Ops and by making a retail version we can introduce them to this great game. In addition, by working with Kamehan we are able to bring Tac Ops to a level of quality that wouldn’t be possible unless it was going to be a stand-alone, retail product.
I'm sure some would wonder why pay for it when you can download it for free? You'll have to remember there are still those who have no choice but dial-up for Internet, and downloading a 200+ MB file just isn't an option on 56k!
Source: GameSpyDaily
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