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  Saturday, Feb 9, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
DoD 2.0 Beta Released!!
- Posted 9:29 PM By Squirre1
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The makers of Day Of Defeat, a MOD for Half-Life, have released version 2.0 Beta. The list of updates is large so I do not want to go into detail here, but if you click on "Read More..." Link I have listed the information right from the release notes. I have also updated our downloads section and you can get the new release by clicking here.
Full Story:
New features in 2.0

Recoil - Recoil is now applied to every weapon that fires in DoD. When in duckprone, your recoil will be reduced.

MG Classes - The mg4230 cal is the only weapon you get when you choose this class. When firing the weapon without its tripodipod down your accuracy and stamina is aweful. To place your bipod ripod down, you must go prone. Once prone, hit your SECONDARY fire button (2nd mouse button), the tripod will go down. Your accuracy will be greatly improved. Your views are limited while your tripodipod is down. You cannot get up, or move until your bipod ripod is brought back up (Secondary fire button again). You only get 2 belts of ammo, so shoot wisely, light inf. carries 1 belt of ammo for mger, they can run them to you. You can only reload when prone and tripodipod is down. Also new entity for mappers, a sand bag placement, so you can place your bipod ripod down while standing up, as long as you are behind the sand bag entity.

Prone System - The views do not go all the way down, I am aware of this, valve will help me fix this before release. Once down, your view will sway back and forth while moving, once stopped your view slowly resets to center screen. You can not fire while moving in prone.

Movement System - New movement system. 2 new movement types, jog (default) and sprint (shift key). Hold down the shift key to get a quick burst of running speed, will drain stamina.

New Scoped Kar - replaces the gewehr sniper rifle. Same firing as spring, single shot reload.

New Spade - All germans, cept sniper, get the spade (shovel), replaces the youth knife.

New Sound System - Just the start of our new sound system, everything is heard by others, from breathing, to jiggling of pack and equipment while moving and jumping.

New Effects System - Not finished, so far we have the new shrapnel system in. When explosions go off tiny bits of shrapnel shoot out with smoke effects which follow it as it bounces around.

New Sniper System - When zooming in, your screen fades into the scope to represent your eyes settling into the scope, when you move you come out of the scope. Scope stays zoomed in for a second after shot, to let you see how your shot was.

New Animation System - New death animations, new jogwalkcrouch animations, new getupget down prone animations, new mg42 bipod outin animations, new hand signal animations (ties into the voice commands, and also can be done by themselves for silent times). When zooming in with Sniper rifles, your player actually does a zoomin animation.

New Hud - All colored, better functionality for map goals, objective timers, objective status, and reinforcement timer.

New filedirectory system - All files in lower case lettering, deleted lots of unused files, redid the paths for directories to clean up our structure. NO UPPERCASE FILES !!!

New Weapon models

New Sounds

New Objectives System - Mugsy will write up a file that helps better explain how to use this system for mappers.

New Fog System - 2 versions, the Valve version of OpenGL, and then the plain OpenGL version. cl_fog (1 = opengl, 2 = valve). You can set the color of it with (cl_fog_red, cl_fog_green, cl_fog_blue) give those a RGB value, default is 192 for each (grey). cl_fog_start is used to show where the fog starts in relation to your view point, cl_fog_end is the ending point for it in relation to your view as well.

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