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  Saturday, Mar 23, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
The Thing
- Posted 11:10 AM By WaRMaN
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Do you remember the 1982 sci-fi thriller "John Carpenter's The Thing"? Where the aliens that were frozen under the Antartic cap are brought back to life by an unsuspecting team of scientist. The aliens unknowingly take over the living bodies of anything living and reak havoc among the camp.

Well now, in the upcoming game release, "The Thing", you are ported as part of the military rescue team that is sent to investigate the disappearance of the scientists. The game features:

  • Taking place shortly after the events seen in the 1982 film - The Thing takes us back to the Antarctic base and familiar locals from the film for a terrifying, new chapter of isolation and paranoia.
  • Advanced trust/fear interface adds a new dimension to the genre - How you influence non-player characters (NPCs) psychological state determines whether or not these characters will cooperate with you. Amazing lighting, weather and particle effects complemented by subtle sound cues and scripted events create a new level of suspense and terror.
  • Unique combat system that allows weapons to be customized and scratch built in many cases.
  • Puzzle Solving can be accomplished by a multitude of scenarios - there is never just one way to accomplish an objective.
  • Varied pace of gameplay throughout the game, blending action, puzzles, horror and human interaction.
  • Click here for more on the game, and don't forget to check out the trailer!
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