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  Thursday, Apr 18, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Silent Whispers
- Posted 7:28 AM By Anthos
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Silent Whispers: Echoes of Toriyle sets out to change the way Dungeon Siege is played. While SW is InsanityFX's first venture into the modding scene, it will by no means be your average gaming experience. On top of creating a brand new world to explore, they are setting out to include the features under the "read more" link below. Team IFX has been hard at work using Gmax, the free 3d software in which all the modeling for DS modding will be done. Gmax is a free download available at www.discreet.com. Also, if you fancy yourself handy at such things, IFX is looking for a few dedicated folks that love games and fantasy! Head on over to the team section to find out more.
Full Story:
Engrossing Story - Silent Whispers: Echoes of Toriyle is an original story created by Dr. X (Brett) and Hool1gaN (Scott) that will lead the player through an epic struggle to return a balance to the lands they live in.

New Cast of Characters - With up to eight characters in a party, the player will have an all-new selection of custom characters to do their bidding. Player's will find that the people they meet and interact with in the world will feel as though they are living and breathing. With memorable personalities and designs, everyone will be talking about the party of warriors that saved their world.

Multiplayer Capabilities - Players will be able to create brand new avatars and work cooperatively with their friends to complete the story together. There may even be a head to head mode, but no official statement is being made at this time...

Brand New Ability and Magic System - This is why you want to play SW. Taking the best parts of the Gradius Power-Up system and mixing them with an all-new fantasy setting and the Siege Engine, players will be able to customize their players with all new spells and attacks. Finding the right combination of abilities for each member of the party will become key to defeating the dark minions that lurk throughout the land.

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