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  Friday, Apr 19, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Front Line Force 1.5 Out Today
- Posted 4:34 PM By Curve
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The guys over at Planet Half-Life say Front Line Force version 1.5 is due out later tonight. It will probably be around the time of their IRC release party. Here's the news from the site:
There is NO ETA on the release so stay tuned for links later today, however I have an inkling the release will be later this evening, as an IRC release party is scheduled to start at 5PM Pacific (7PM Central, 8PM Eastern) in #frontline on irc.gamesnet.net. Feel free to join in the IRC action any time though as there are already 100 people in the channel. :)
Fans of this mod should get geared up, it's coming! This and some pictures can be found here.

While you are waiting here is the assembled list of features and updates in 1.5:
-9 new maps:
-flf_ebonysword, a secret army facility provides the background for intense fights to control the Genetics Lab
-flf_cheyenne, security has been compromised at NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain Army base
-flf_qcity, control of this wartorn town is essential to protect the -flanks of Operation Sogem
-flf_sogem, use the keycard to retreive data from the 2 surviving computers - NEW GAMEPLAY MODE
-flf_cky, this countryside's serene calm will soon be upset as forces battle for control of the Power House and the Yard
-flf_toledo, this quiet Spanish town's strategically located Obelisk and Marquee are points of severe contention
-flf_mountain, our 2 sides fight for control of this isolated mountain airfield
-flf_biohazard, a previously anonymous middle eastern village has suddenly been drawn into the limelight
-flf_afghan, you'll have to put up a fight to win control of this isolated Afghanistan town
-New Key Capture gameplay mode - Certain Capture Points require a keycard that spawns in on the map, fight for control of the mobile keycard and the stationary CP's! (flf_sogem)
- Voice Communication Support
-HUD improvements (Capture Bar countdown, client-side radar and more!)
-Improvements to search & destroy gameplay - HUD support added via scripting language (flf_chion)
-Complete weapon rebalance - move faster, die slower - this isn't your grandma's FLF!
-Bug fixes, bug fixes, and some more bug fixes (especially crash fixes! this is the most stable FLF ever!)
Source: Planet Half-Life
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