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  Thursday, May 9, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Why Not Just Ban Cartoons
- Posted 4:12 PM By Squirre1
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Well yet we hear of another story of another country wanting to place Laws onto games. Germary is now looking to create a "BlackList" of games to prevent there distribution. This all stems from a teenager blowing his top and killing a large sum of people. When are people going to learn that video games are not causing these psychotic episodes.

If you can imagine all the millions if not billions of violent game releases that are out floating around, then all the millions if not billions of teens/adults playing those games. Why is it that one incident out of the middle of no-where MUST be caused by violent games. And with that said only a few said instances. Get real people.

If you have not noticed, in a large sum of Disney movies, someone gets killed, dies, or is harmed by some form of a harmful act. Now mind you this is an extreme but does that mean we should ban Disney movies and not let our kids watch them.

Think about it:
  • Snow White - Lets kill/poison that which is better than myself
  • Beauty and the Beast - Lets kill that which is not familiar, or different
  • A Little Mermaid - They actually show the ship impaling the sea witch, Urcilla I think

    How many times has Daffy Duck been shot in the face nocking his bill off. Hrmmmm, maybe a kid will shoot his brother in the face hoping he will shut up and stop screaming. Damn violent cartoons.

    With that said there has to be a point we people need to take responsability for their own actions and parents to start taking responsability for their own children. Why continue to play the blame game people, when it is all that persons fault to begin with. "Oh, my daddy beat me and that made me do it."

    I know I have jumped around from point to point in this perticular posting, but I am at work so it is just kind of a soap box speech. It is just starting to get real old. Ok, well anyway, now back to your regular program already in progress.
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