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  Sunday, Dec 24, 2000 Report News | Archive | Top  
Unreal Fortress Build 276 Released
- Posted 12:45 PM By Squirre1
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Unreal Fortress has had another release just before Christmas. This is what they had to say about the new build 276:
Build 276 of Unreal Fortress fixes a couple of things. We've worked very hard to address the areas that people have brought to our attention so we hope you enjoy it. A christmas present for everyone is Pixie's first Unreal Fortress map called "Run and gun"
Here is a list of the new features:


- *** Protection for Console Hacks (including Funbot)
- New effect for tranquiliser
- New effect for fire
- New effect for caltrops


- Saboteur now restricted to 1 emp grenade
- Field Medic's are now immune to Bio Gas
- Medics now heal infections/fire etc.
- Medics effected less by infections/fire etc.
- disguises now lost when dieing
- Only a ranger may now pick up a radio
- Armourer no longer has knife
- Ranger given flashbang grenade, removed from Arsonist
- Arsonist given new smoke grenade
- Airspeed of heavy gunner reduced
- Saboteur's speed reduced


- Sniper rifle zoom, charge and crosshairs fixed
- More weapon fixes than even knobby can remember
- Toolkit now available for saboteur
- Rocket momentum reduced
- Rocket Speed increased
- Knife damage increased
- Melee weapon range reduced
- Minigun damage increased
- Rocket firing offset altered
- Tracers added to SMG
- SMG accuracy fixed
- Spanner does more damage
- log entries removed from Mortar
- Mortar momentum increased
- Mortar rate of fire reduced


- New Smoke Grenade
- Grenade spawn point tweaked
- claymore throwing fixed
- claymores can now be destroyed with heavy damage
- concs no longer effect through walls
- Emp grenade range reduced
- Emp grenades no longer destroy sentries, merely disable
- smoke and fragments added to frag grenades


- *** Destroying dispensers no longer cause server crashes
- Detpacks now take 4 seconds to lay
- sentryguns can now be rotated with the command: rotatesentry (positive or negative)
- Building of items in water fixed
- Ammo pack team variable fixed
- Sentry Flame attachment now works
- Sentry kill messages fixed
- Sentry owners now receive frags for sentry kills
- Sentry spawns fragments and smoke when destroyed
- Sentries now glow when damaged
- Armourers no longer killed when sentry is destroyed
- Armourer receives frag for sentry kill
- New glow effect for sentries, dispensers and flags
- Message displayed to armourer if sentry is unable to be built
- Camera's can now be destroyed with heavy damage
- Dispenser kill messages fixed
- Dispenser spawns smoke and fragments when destroyed
- Sensors now destroyed with heavy damage

User Interface

- Completely New HUD
- Keybindings Utility fixed in network play
- Ability to save and restore UT default keys within keybindings utility
- "Player" no longer appears in scoreboard when sentries and dispensers built
- Health and Armour amounts now reported correctly in HUD
- Voice menu key is no longer lost
- Voice menu works after using class menu
- Arsonist/Heavy Gunner class selection displaying opposite class name fixed
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