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  Tuesday, Jan 2, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Rick Goodman's New Baby
- Posted 8:18 PM By Krogue
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Imagine if Civilization, Age of Empires and Warcraft had some kind of wierd menage-a-trois love child: the result would be EMPIRE EARTH, the upcoming new release from Age of Empires lead designer Rick Goodman. This game looks KICK ASS !!! The game is slated for a mid-year release and is being distributed by Sierra Studios.

Some of the games features will include:
  • Epic scope — spans over 500,000 years, from the discovery of fire to laser technology and beyond.
  • Customize your civilization to fit your strategic style by choosing from over 100 attributes, or choose a predefined civilization.
  • 12 historical epochs — replay all of human history or just the period that interests you.
  • Train more than 200 different combat units.
  • Battle on land, air and sea with cavalry, cannon, battleships, submarines, helicopters and even thermonuclear ballistic missiles.
  • Fight wars of the future with robotic and anti-gravity units using energy weapons.
  • Enlist great heroes - such as Napoleon and Patton — to help lead your empire to supremacy.
  • Customize your military units using up to 10 adjustable attributes, such as attack strength, armor and hit points.
  • Deplete opponents' populations by conquering and assuming their citizens.
  • Unleash terrible Calamities, such as volcanoes, earthquakes and plagues.
  • Construct specialized buildings and awe-inspiring Wonders of the World.
  • Research scores of exciting technologies.
  • Fight with eight or more allies and enemies online.
  • Embark on several large single-player campaigns, including training scenarios.
  • Explore random maps, from small to giant, with various terrain types, including marsh, desert, gravel, snow and ice.
  • Create your own custom scenarios and maps with the versatile campaign builder (included).
  • ZDNet started its preview of the game with this quote:
    As development on the popular Age of Empires was nearing completion, Rick Goodman, one of the game's original designers, couldn't help but think of what he'd like to do next. His main ambition was not to create a game that made up more than just four standard periods of recent history, as Age of Empires did, but rather to create one that encompassed the entire history of mankind. His drive eventually led him to leave Ensemble Studios and create Stainless Steel Studios, his own game-development company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, he began work on a truly ambitious real-time strategy game that spans nearly the last half million years of human history and even extends a few hundred years beyond the modern day. "When I was finishing Age of Empires, I was thinking about what would come [afterwards]," says Stainless Steel's Goodman. "I wanted to create an epic strategy game that would simulate what it would be like to run a true civilization." His end result was Empire Earth, a 3D real-time strategy game that starts at the Paleolithic Age and ends 200 years in the future: more than 500,000 years of human history.
    You have got to check out these two things:
  • Empire Earth Gameplay Teaser (This is a self running executable)
  • Empire Earth Teaser (This is a high quality movie in AVI format)
  • I think this game will blow everything before it out of the water. All of the screenshots, and previews look hard core. Let me know what you think, this might turn into a midnight release buying night at Wal-Mart game for me.

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