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  Monday, Apr 23, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Pre-Final 2 Of WTW2 For Q3
- Posted 11:55 PM By Squirre1
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Whos The Winner 2 is a log parser/analyzer that can output logs into a nice HTML display for everyone to see. Here is a little snip'n'clip action rights off of their site...
After a long time a new release hit the road. PF2 is last beta/experimental release. Next step could be final release. Several features/fixes were added. Here's the list of changes:

  • Fix: HTML code in Map rankings pages.
  • Fix: Team Deathmatch Win scores assignment.
  • Fix: A bug in "Games played"->"Player Rank" table.
  • Add: More and more checking routines to ensure good parsing.
  • Add: Mod support for LakerBot and WFA 2.9 (and later).
  • Add: Players Ban List with wildcards support and Alias List.
  • Add: Ban & Alias HTML pages.
  • Add: Now you can find all generated stats under dir.
  • Add: Top Rank Global Score database.
  • Add: Hostname and IPs can be spawned on main page.
  • Add: A Server/Clan logo can be spawned on main page.
  • Add: Multilogs scan in a single mod dir.
  • Mod: Gui layout redesigned.
  • Mod: "Exit:" logging assertion was reinforced: This avoid especially OSP warmup stages counted as valid games.
  • Mod: HTML look more neat and sleek.
  • Mod: In Main Page are showed only mods parsed and not all mods supported.
  • I will looking into adding this to the MWGL servers for the LAN events for a nice "Who Killed Who" display.
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