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  Monday, May 28, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
UT Infiltration 2.85.5 Released
- Posted 8:24 AM By Kagato
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There's a new version of the Infiltration teamplay mod for Unreal Tournament available for download from their Official Web Site. The new version is 2.85.5 and here is a list of changes made in this new version:
  • Two additional weapons have been included, the P90 submachine gun, and the Five seveN pistol.
  • Distance sounds included for all weapons, adding an amazing amount of depth and atmosphere.
  • From the prone position, you can now lower the weapon from the aim perspective.
  • Smooth transition effect moving your weapon from aim and hip.
  • The Last Player Timer will now award the round to the team with the most players or lives or score, based on the situation.
  • Players becoming invisible on a server when standing behind some objects is fixed.
  • Weapons now disappear between rounds.
  • You can now associate camo uniforms to individual maps. We've included presets for all current Infiltration maps, but you can change these to your own style.
  • Loadout items tweaked for gameplay. Internal checks made to prevent the usage of manually edited loadout INI files.
    Stamina abilities fine-tuned more. Some bulk values adjusted for gameplay. Running is now more realistic.
  • An option is provided to let you set how long carcasses will remain in the battlefield, in seconds. This can remain infinite however.
  • An option is provided to display a message as to who killed you. But you will NOT know who you have killed.
  • Sig551 laser now working online, although the laser dot doesn't always reflect terrain properly.
  • The way teams are interfaced with the game has changed, so you will need to recreate your teams again.
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