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  Tuesday, May 29, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Counter-Strike vs CGW
- Posted 8:19 AM By Kagato
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It's not exactly news, but I figured you CS players might get a kick out of this, and even those of you who don't play may get a laugh. Jeff Green of Computer Gaming World has posted an article titled /Me--> OwnZ joo!, which gives his impression of what Counter-Strike players in general are like. Here's a snippet:
Honestly, though COUNTER-STRIKE is a team-based game, I don't think I've ever seen less teamwork involved in any multiplayer game. Maybe it was just the servers I tried, but for a game with such a hardcore, "macho" vibe to it, I've never come across a bigger concentration of whiners and babies in all my years of game playing.

"You stole my kill."
"Hey sh-head, no bunny hopping."
"There's no way you're not dead, cheater."
"Way to camp, a-hole."
And so on.

I'm not saying that all COUNTER-STRIKE players I like this. I'm not saying the game's no good. When I got onto good servers, with actual grown-up people, I had a blast. I was dead most of the time, sure, but I still had fun. Watching in spectator mode, after dying, was often more fun, for this reflex-challenged editor, than the game itself. What I am saying is, if you're a newbie wondering what all the fuss is with COUNTER-STRIKE-beware. Not every bandwagon is meant for every gamer to jump on. And if you find yourself wounded and ravaged and exhausted from constant defeat in COUNTER-STRIKE, or if you just can't take the grade-school level verbal abuse, come look me up in EVERQUEST. I'll knit you a sweater.
If you only new how true this was for the Non-CS players.
Source: Computer Gaming World
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