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  Wednesday, May 30, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
- Posted 11:47 AM By WaRMaN
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If you didn't make it out to E3, then you missed the awesome display of future on-line games. One of these games is the "Best Online Multiplayer Game" nominee; PlanetSide. This game promises to be the biggest FPS ever, by accumulating literally hundreds of online players on one map! The screenshots are eye candy at its best! You can see detail right down to the blades of grass.
Full Story:
Here's a sample from Sony about the game:
PlanetSide, at its core, is a first-person action game. However, given the massively multiplayer scope of the game, things change drastically, and players need more than just running and gunning to keep their interest. Therefore, PlanetSide brings tactical combat to the table, with support for large teams or even lone-wolf style of game play. With real-time updates on the status of the world, the tide of war can change quickly in PlanetSide as players react accordingly. Furthermore, character advancement will provide players the opportunity to tailor their online persona with skills and abilities. Although the game will focus on the action elements of "first-person shooter" style gaming, players will find ample room for role-playing within the framework of a planetary war.
Now I can't be bias here and lead you on to believe this game is flawless. One downfall to this game, according to PlanetSide's FAQs, is that there will be an "undetermined" monthly fee. I personally do not agree with games that suck money from my pocket. One has to wonder about the patches to be released, and game support. Look at Tribes! There are two patches a day for that game. What about the gamer community support? How can there be MODs to the game if you gotta pay-to-play? Check it out for yourself, and determine if you'll be awaiting this games Q3 2001 release.

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