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  Friday, Jul 13, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Drive Storage : Hitting A Wall
- Posted 8:39 AM By Kagato
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According to this story at Enterprise Systems, the end is coming to substantial storage growth. Check it:
For the first time in recent memory, all of the leading manufacturers in the highly competitive field of magnetic disk drives agree on something. Unfortunately, it isn’t good news. With current technology and materials, we will soon witness the end of 120 percent per year improvements in disk drive areal density. Areal density refers to the number of bits that can be stored on a square inch of disk media. It appears, we hit the wall at 150 gigabits per square inch (150 Gb/in2). With current disk density growth rates, that will happen within the next three to five years.
Now I'm sure you're thinking "What about other types of drives and technologies?":
Unfortunately, new drive designs and read/write techniques -- including thermally-assisted drives, perpendicular recording, and an assortment of near- and far-field technologies -- are about a decade off. A lot of research shows promise and some technologies have been demonstrated under laboratory conditions, but most insiders agree that it will take many years to bring products to market based on these new designs.
I have an issue filling 150GB as it is, do I really need to worry what happens in three years? I guess Microsoft may answer that with their next OS after XP - 20GB install anyone?
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