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  Wednesday, Aug 8, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Tribes 2 - Beta Patch
- Posted 10:05 AM By Kagato
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Dynamix has released a new beta patch for Tribes 2, which updates/fixes the following:
  • Fixed the network "hitching" problem that was causing stutters during play.
  • Added VCR Mode controls to allow fast-forwarding, slow-motion, pausing. Also fixed the known playback crashes. There may be other issues. Please let us know if you see any issues with the playback.
  • Cameras will now add Sensor Jammer Pack users to the sensor net, thus allowing turrets to fire at those players when within a camera's detection radius. The number of cameras that can be carried at one time has been reduced. - Changed Tournament mode so that skins are always Storm vs. Inferno in order to let players more easily organize ladder and league matches.
  • Grenade icons are included so players can easily determine which grenade is being carried by looking at the HUD icon.
  • Admins in Tournament mode can now hear global observer chat, thus allowing them to more easily hear when players need to be added to a team.
  • There is now a "no parking" zone around a flag (similar to the anti-camping zone around a nexus in a Hunters game). If a vehicle is parked near a flag, it will begin to take damage while in that area.
  • Handling on the Wildcat has been slightly improved (better spring controls so it doesn't bounce quite as much).
  • VCR Playback files are now in a compressed format to make it easier to distribute them
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