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  Monday, Jan 24, 2005 Report News | Archive | Top  
Another Nail in the Coffin for Sports Games
- Posted 12:20 PM By EvilTekno
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As we reported earlier, Take Two, best known as the publisher for the Grand Theft Auto games, was in talks with the Major League Baseball Players Association to gain exclusive rights over the MLB game market.

Seems the talks went well as the MLBPA and Take Two have reported signing a 7 year deal granting Take Two exclusive rights among third-party publishers to develop and market simulation, arcade and manager-style baseball video games on the current and next-generation PlayStation, X-BOX, Nintendo, personal computer and hand-held video game systems.

I've already described my disgust for any organization to get exclusive rights. It will just lead to a narrower market, and with the lack of friendly competition between companies, do not expect any great advancements between releases.
2 Comments Posted

#1 by WaRMaN on Tuesday, Jan 25 at 9:36 AM 
You beat me to it EvilTekno!

"The baseball video game business has been underdeveloped for years," said 
John Olshan, the MLBPA's Category Director for Interactive Games. "The 
upcoming change in technology makes this the perfect time for us to implement 
our plan for growing the business, and we have no doubt that Take2's proven 
creativity and innovation, combined with their incredible distribution strength and 
powerful commitment to baseball, will add real excitement and depth to the video 
game marketplace. Baseball fans will be the big winners."

No competition leads to whatever is on the table at the time.  This whole 
exclusive rights era is sad and hopefully these companies feel the pain.  Even 
worse, I believe that most gamers (the ones how could care less) will just buy 
whatever is fed to them and we will just have to be happy with what we get.
#2 by EvilTekno on Tuesday, Jan 25 at 12:14 PM It seems Take Two didn't get the greatest deal though. EA has already found a loophole in the deal to assure they'll continue making MLB games. The deal only grants them rights for third party developers, which means companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and yes, even EA have chances to make more MLB games. Read the full scoop here - here.

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