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  Tuesday, Oct 26, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Keyboard and Mouse on XBOX
- Posted 10:56 PM By WaRMaN
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I definately would play more FPS games on my XBOX if I could just use a keyboard and mouse (KB&M). Well now that day has come and this is huge in my opinion! The down fall to FPS games on consoles is the controller. FPS games were designed for the PC and the ability to use the KB&M. I remember when Quake first came out and seeing people struggle with using the controller vs KB&M, and then slowly migrating to the smart choice: KB&M. You can connect your PC KB&M via an adapter you can purchase at Lik-Sang.
  • Connect PC Mouse and Keyboard to your Xbox®
  • Especially designed for First Person Shooters
  • Supports all keys on Keyboard and Mouse (including Scroll-Wheel)
  • Pre-Installed configurations for most FPS Best Sellers
  • Fully programmable including advanced features such as Deadzone and Mouse Control Inversion
  • Built-in Memory Card slot for compatible peripherals (incl. Headset)
  • Works with any game, even without built-in Mouse + Keyboard support
  • Compatible with all Xbox® consoles (US, JPN, PAL)
  • Compatible with standard PS/2 Mice, incl. USB Mice with USB to PS/2 Adapter
  • Compatible with Optical and Wireless Mice

    3 Comments Posted

    #1 by Mizzouri on Tuesday, Oct 26 at 11:39 PM 
    SAWEEEEET! Thanks for the heads up!
    #2 by Squirre1 on Monday, Nov 1 at 11:29 AM If they are doing KB and Mouse on XBOX... I am all for getting one then...
    #3 by KaiserRoll on Monday, Nov 29 at 12:48 AM No straight USB? You'd think that would be easier to make

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