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  Thursday, Sep 12, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
New Drivers For ATI's Radeon 9700 Pro
- Posted 7:57 AM By Freex
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If you're lucky enough to have this brand-spanking new card, but you're having Direct3d issues with playing Battlefield 1942, Mafia, or The Thing, then get this new driver. Now, resume with your gaming goodness.
Source: Homelan Fed
8 Comments Posted

#1 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Sep 12 at 9:49 AM 
I can already tell that the driver support for the 8500 is going to fall off.. That is 
bullshit if you ask me...
#2 by Kagato on Thursday, Sep 12 at 3:31 PM Yep - nothing but quality from the friendly folks at ATi - It really sucks that they are making such great hardware but aren't getting the quality it deserves driverwise. IMHO the Radeon shouldn't have been released yet - they should have waited a little longer to get a good set of drivers to go along with it - technology wise - it's perfect. Wow - with the update, you can play 3 more games now - take 'em off the list that still don't work, haha.
#3 by Freex of Nature on Thursday, Sep 12 at 4:09 PM lol
#4 by Kagato on Thursday, Sep 12 at 6:16 PM It's not to say I hate ATI - as much as I like my Ti4600, I recognize the fact that the 9700 can leave it in the dust when it comes to performance - I just hope they can improve upon the support it needs to gain trust in the gaming community - speed will only get you so far with gamers - especially when they're down for a week waiting for a patch to the drivers to play the newest game on the market.
#5 by KaiserRoll on Thursday, Sep 12 at 11:01 PM Im pretty sure the 8500 got new drivers too with that, i mean, its listed in the supported card list.
#6 by KaiserRoll on Thursday, Sep 12 at 11:03 PM Okay, Thats something else, its not a driver, its a patch for something they goofed on. There are new drivers for the 8500 though
#7 by Anthos on Friday, Sep 13 at 12:33 AM ATI Goofed on something with the Radeon software? Nooooo.
#8 by Squirre1 on Friday, Sep 13 at 12:25 PM Wow, I never even knew the Catalyst 2.3 drivers were out.. If you goto ATI's site and do a driver search for the 8500 on 98.. it says 2.1 is currect with a additional release of the 2.2. But not a damn thing about the 2.3's. Are the 2.3's going to work for the 8500, I would imagine because they say to use the ME drivers and they are at 2.3...

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