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  Tuesday, Sep 24, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Ghost Recon Patch v1.3
- Posted 8:12 PM By Kagato
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Ubi Soft has released a new patch for US players of Ghost Recon, updating the squad-based tactical shooter by Red Storm Entertainment to version 1.3. This release adds a huge number of changes, including gameplay, graphics, AI, editor and multiplayer improvements and fixes, and brings compatibility with the newly shipping Island Thunder expansion pack. For a full listing of all the updates, fixes, and changes, click on the "Read More..." link below.
Full Story:

NOTE: Replay files from a previous version of Ghost Recon will no longer work once a mission pack or patch is installed. However, saved campaigns and other settings WILL continue to work normally.

Version 1.3

- New command map quick view modes, N and M by default
- Replay playback speed controlled with +/-, pause/unpause with P
- Headshots should kill more reliably
- Changing to or from underbarrel weapon is instantaneous
- Added reticule impulse when switching to a firearm
- Binoculars are now standard equipment, L key by default
- Added UI for Software Sound option
- Multiplayer kits now available in quick mission
- Improvements to the loading screen
- Can change your actor names in a campaign
- Campaign kit assignments are now properly remembered
- No longer leave crawling sounds behind when stand up during crawl
- Confirmation dialogs added on End Mission and Quit
- Increasing mod priority in options maintains selection
- Now get 4 stat points in quickmission game types
- Improved quickmission screen layout
- Map selection now preserved across game type change when possible
- Fixes for prone collision & camera placement
- Fix for walking backwards through some walls
- Fix for reducing grenade roll time
- Now setting initial ROF whenever you switch who you control
- Fixes to weapon fire messaging for more accurate bullet count and effects
- Dead guys no longer make enemies appear on the map
- Fixed issues associated with going prone on stairs
- Kit index now resets when changing class in setup
- Added option to toggle off threat indicator in single player
- Level up/down keys for command map are now remappable
- Maximum wounds is now properly determined by stamina
- Shots that do no damage due to armor now cause a visible reaction
- Reworked footstep sounds
- Improved load time for some maps
- Platoon setup screen no longer loses data when returning from Options
- Leg wound limping motion removed
- Leaderboard is available in coop game types
- Fixed stability and performance issues in the after action
- Show dead bodies option cannot be changed in the action
- Stationary gun hits are now counted in stats
- General improvements to sound emitters and shell music playback

- Action UI scales with resolution, options for HUD and command map
- Motion popping bug fixed
- Additional motion improvements and fixes
- Action icons no longer remain after quickload
- Command map now shows dead with non-blended icon
- Command map now shows look direction not torso facing
- Vertical placement of smoke effect on game type zones is now correct
- Dust/sand effect behind vehicles
- Particle effects involving alpha blend optimized
- High LOD shadow implementation optimized
- Night vision no longer reduces effect of fog
- Threat indicator waypoint tick will now flash on changes
- Added grenade throwing and door opening reticules
- Primary weapons now attach to characters when not in use
- Main tank gun firing effects fixed
- Command map displays are now bilinear filtered

- General AI improvements, including more enemy cooperation
- AI can now strafe around corners
- AIs will drop grenades if shot while in the action of throwing
- Improvements to AI suppression
- Improved memory management in AI
- AIs now detect dead friendly bodies more reliably
- Bug fix for some AI running during a replay
- Enemies may play taunt sound cues when they have you suppressed
- Improved sound propagation for interior spaces
- AIs now acknowledge and react to non-wounding shots

- Campaign file editor added
- Kit restriction file editor added
- Actor and vehicle counts displayed in Igor
- Briefing sound file now specified in Igor
- Added new scripting triggers, responses, and queries

- IP banning added
- Server option to disallow voting
- Vote hijacking bug fixed
- Chat during respawn bug fixed
- Multiplayer bases are assigned by company color
- Leaderboard display bugs fixed
- Server setup screen reworked
- New after action timeout option
- Tweaks to the join screen
- Dropped player loses respawns - prevents "ai cannot respawn"
- Motions preloaded on startup to avoid slow starts by new clients
- Replays can be saved on dedicated server
- Improvements to the multiplayer after action screen
- Zone marker smoke effects dynamically change color with team ownership
- Optional chat beep notification
- Game status now announced as Debrief when in AAR
- Max and min respawn times added as server options
- Option for limited invulnerability after respawn (cannot do damage while invulnerable)
- Waiting screen improvements
- Ping indicators in multiplayer pregame
- Warning is sent when setting infinite respawn without time limit
- Doors and glass reset properly for rematches
- Fix to make sure temp directory is always created before trying to write to it
- Ready indicators in multiplayer lobby
- Disabled name changing while connected to server
- List of active mods is dumped to chat log on join
- Company color assignments persist across mode changes
- Various fixes for receiving bad gunshot messages
- Fixed a multiplayer crash in observer mode
- Fixed a client crash when exiting a server from the action phase
- Kit restriction files are now additive across mods
- Vehicle turrets generate much less network traffic
- Dead or observing players can now see all after action chat
- Improved clock management for better interpolation
- Fixed grenades bouncing off glass on clients
- Request eject button is now correctly enabled after a rematch
- Fixed kit restriction bugs involving different restrictions per platoon
- Redundant kits removed from No Explosives kit restriction
- Added No Sensors kit restriction
- Some additional cheat prevention measures

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