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  Monday, Sep 16, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Neocron Beta Trial Ends
- Posted 11:17 AM By Kagato
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For those of you who've been trying out Reakktor's upcoming title Neocron have probably noticed if you'd tried logging in within the past day that the beta has been closed. The folks at Neocron Central have some news reguarding the ending of this beta trial. Word:
One reason why we have to take it down is the fact that too many people didn't understand the meaning of beta. I saw a tremendous amount of players whining about the lack of support in this open beta on other boards (e.g. at VE3D). People were running around saying that KK doesn't care about their 'customers' and stuff... and many people didn't get the message that they were actually complaining about a lack of support in the beta and NOT in the retail version (Please note that there is a big, fat splashscreen at the launch of the B4 client that says that there is "NO SUPPORT AT ALL FOR B4"). Also I was starting to get really sick because of the personal insults for bugs in Beta4. Many people didn't understand what beta means and started an anti-NC campaign on other boards because of the bugs in the game... AND AGAIN many other people didn't realize that the trolls were complaining about the B4, NOT about the retail version. As you can see, there actually are valid arguments to close beta now. Retail is running smooth and we want our reputation coming from that clientel, rather than from flaming beta trolls.
I can understand their feelings toward the flaming tards on various posting boards, but to close off a public testing of the system because of it seems a bit lame to me. How else do they plan on stress-testing the system?
Source: Neocron Central
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