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  Monday, Aug 26, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Neverwinter Nights Patch v1.23
- Posted 7:42 PM By Kagato
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Bioware has released a new patch (version 1.23) for Neverwinter Nights. Although Bioware recommends users update via the "Update" option from within the game launcher, you have the option of downloading the patch instead. The update weighs in at 1.8MB and includes quite a few updates/fixes. Click on the Read More... link below to get a full list of updates/fixes.
Full Story:
Neverwinter Nights Game

  • We have removed SecureROM disk checking.
  • Optimized some multiplayer code for modem/high-ping users.
  • Added new Toolset Wizards. See below for details.
  • Improved overall game stability.
  • Added the option "Supress Base Servervault" to prevent listing characters in the root of a Server Vault:

    [Server Options]
    Suppress Base Servervault=0

    Set this to 1 if you don't want your clients seeing character files from the root of the Server Vault.

  • Added code to handle bad save game data properly.
  • Invalid Character bug in Server Vault is fixed.
  • More DM Client fixes for possesion, factions, and crashes.
  • "dm_spawnitem" command readded to the game.
  • Added a swearfilter to the multiplayer chat area.
  • Fixed an issue with scripting a door or placeable to lock itself.
  • Fixed the GetFacing() command in NWscript to return the correct value.
  • Fixed creature bumping through walls/doors.
  • Fixed a problem where DMs couldn't GoTo a new area if a large part of the center of the new area was elevated, or didn't have a walkmesh by increasing the search radius.
  • Fixed a bug causing new characters to enter the game with an empty quickbar rather than a default set.
  • Cleaned up and fixed several quick bar issues, including text overlapping and replacing problems.
  • Fixed a bug with Armor Class specific bonuses versus alignment not always working.
  • Added an /ignore command to the multiplayer chat area:


    Since chat names can change at each session, the ignore list is not saved.

  • Fixed the adjust alignment feedback messages for the neutral range.
  • Fixed a bug with weapon damage display on the character sheet with variable bonuses and power attack.
  • Added scripting access functions for stealth/detect mode.

    // Returns the stealth mode of the specified creature.
    // - oCreature
    // * Returns a constant STEALTH_MODE_*
    int GetStealthMode(object oCreature);

    // Returns the detection mode of the specified creature.
    // - oCreature
    // * Returns a constant DETECT_MODE_*
    int GetDetectMode(object oCreature);

  • Fixed crash bug where a trap set fails critically and sets off the trap.
  • Fixed an unhilighting bug in the DM chooser that was causing the DM Client to crash randomly on some GoTo's that involved an area transition.
  • We no longer allow the DM to attempt to possess corpses.
  • Fixed server crash when trying to possess a creature that is transitioning into Limbo.
  • Added module/game version checking for future game content patches.

    Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

  • Added a Popup Text "wizard" dialog, accessible from the right-click menu for Placeable Objects.
  • Added a Store Setup Wizard, accessible from the right-click menu for Creatures, Doors, and Placeable Objects.
  • When loading Creature appearances, the Toolset now uses the Label column in appearances.2da if there is no StrRef.
  • Fixed a bug where references to deleted scripts were not being removed from Conversation files.
  • Added Shift-Del keyboard shortcut for cutting text to the clipboard in the Toolset script editor.
  • Fixed a bug where references to deleted scripts were not being removed from placeable objects and doors under certain circumstances.
  • Added module/game version checking for future game content patches.

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