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  Friday, Oct 18, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Defiance Radio: On Air
- Posted 12:00 AM By WaRMaN
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There's a new web radio station in town that plays pranks, request music, and from the next MwGL LAN, gaming news.

I got a chance to talk with nolimit, owner of Defiance Radio about what his station is up to, and its worth reading about! Stop by their temporary website, and their IRC room #d-radio on gamesnet. These guys will be doing some shoutcast and interviews LIVE from MwGL LAN 26-27 Oct. Read the full story for the interview...

Full Story:
WaRMaN|MwGL|: basically what is your organization about?

defiance|nolimit: Were a Kansas based Internet radio station. We've opened our doors to the public last week and already we are in the top 10 out of all GamesNet radio stations.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: NICE! So is your format mostly aimed at games?

defiance|nolimit: Not entirely yet.. we are still very new, and wanting badly to get popular.. so right now we are focusing on music and pranks. But we do have a server company sponsoring us with servers to giveaway to clans as "contests", ie. The Clan with the most idlers win, format.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: so are you going to be music and games?

defiance|nolimit: Yes.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: How many peeps can you serve

defiance|nolimit: Right now were equipped with a 75 slot server, this weekend were expanding to 500 ;P

WaRMaN|MwGL|: Cool, 500 peeps!

WaRMaN|MwGL|: Are you looking for help?

defiance|nolimit: Actually we are looking for certain skills that people have. Dj's are what we need the most, since we've only have 5, and some sponsors to give us stuff to giveaway to people in contests.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: contests? Like trivia or something?

defiance|nolimit: no, we announce a night of free giveaways ( ie. stuff from alienware ) everyone waits impatiently in our channel to the drawing time. we pick a winner, and he/she gets the item.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: do you have listening times now?

defiance|nolimit: Yes.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: set times - like a schedule?

defiance|nolimit: Well not for regularing dj'ing, but pranks we have them every thursday and friday nights. We are currently working on certain nights of the week where it'd be only 1 certain kind of music.

WaRMaN|MwGL|: What you plan to do at MwGL LAN (to inform the attendees)

defiance|nolimit: Well we plan to go to the MwGL [LAN], meet a lot of people, possibly recruit a dj, brodcast the whole event to all of our listeners, LaN and have a great time!

Could this sound any better? Can't wait to meet these guys, and of course, all of you gamers too at the upcoming MwGL LAN!

2 Comments Posted

#1 by Kagato on Friday, Oct 18 at 10:37 AM 
Nice work - that is seriously SWEET! 
#2 by Raven on Friday, Oct 18 at 7:36 PM Can i play games while i DJ!!!

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