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  Friday, Jul 25, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Gearing up for Tonight !!!!
- Posted 1:57 PM By Krogue
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Well, tonight is the night. This month's MwGL B.I.G. (Bad-ass Intense Gaming) LAN is set to start tonight at UniversalLAN. Get your gear together, pack up the car and head over. As many of you have commented, there are less than the usual amount of people pre-registered for this event. What this means is that, if you are registered or are planning on coming, BRING A FRIEND!!! There should definitely be enough open slots, so that anyone that wants to come and play, will be able to find an available seat. The only way we can continue to host and sponsor these types of LAN gatherings is if the participants continue to support us by attending.

As noted above on this page, the MwGL-sponsored tournaments for this event are team Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, and 1 on 1 UT2003. Many people have asked, "Where is CS and Q3?". Well, the answer is ... they will be back around in the near future. As Burn Pilot (our Forum God and all-around Tournament Director King) has mentioned in the forums, we are trying to mix up the official tournaments at events. We hope that by doing this, we give everybody a chance to compete ... Not just in the usual big-guns events like CS and Q3, where the hard-core gamers always take the big prize, but also in other wider played games, that give the casual gamer a chance to play, compete, and maybe even win.

However, I should take this moment to remind all the CS and Q3 players that there is nothing stopping any group or individual from hosting their own little tournament of champions at the event. In fact, if you ask very nicely, and butter them up a little, our tournament administrators will often set up some games on our servers (during our tournament downtimes) for you, and even occasionally show them on the bigscreen for your watching enjoyment.

We really do try and put on a tournament for all gamers, and we hope that you, and all of your friends, will come and hang out with us for the weekend. And remember, if you have comments or questions (not flaming and bitching) about the event or about our group, please utilize the forums on our page. We always appreciate constructive feedback, and many of the changes we do implement, often come from attendee feedback on the forums.

Thank you ... The Mid-West Gaming League Staff
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