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  Friday, Jul 11, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
A Quick Note from the MwGL Staff
- Posted 9:10 AM By Krogue
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We just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know we are still here. This summer has been an incredibly busy time for us, and we have not been able to update the Boards and the News as regularly as before. We have a few of our members that are moving this summer (some of them far away from us), I myself am getting married in a week, a couple of members looking for new job opportunities in the computer industry, and at least one I know is working on his Masters full time while raising a brand new baby.

So, please don't think we have disappeared. As you can see, we are still having a Full MwGL LAN Event on July 26th. We will have the usual prodigous amount of food, prizes, and gaming induced mayhem. We thank all of you who have supported the MwGL team and this site, and look forward to playing with you on the 26th.
2 Comments Posted

#1 by Porky on Wednesday, Jul 16 at 9:47 AM 
We know, we also know you bust all your asses so you can get everything 
running smoothely, i appreceate all mwgl members but i want to single out 
squirrel because he is my hero! THANKS ALOT MWGL STAFF SEE U NEXT MWGL
p.s. Krogue gl with marriage, go get her tiger ;)
#2 by Squirre1 on Wednesday, Jul 16 at 4:35 PM Thanks for the words porky, we greatly appreciate the support that we get from our regulars....

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