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  Tuesday, Jul 1, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Starwars Galaxies Rocks Huge Ass !!!!
- Posted 2:59 PM By Krogue
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Okay, for those of you who are playing, you probably already know this. But, if you haven't gotten this game, the above statement should give you the immediate impulse to go out and get it.

If you are an EQ junkie, get over it and get this new drug. For @#$@#'s sake, you can play EQ style RPGs any time you want without having to pay a monthly fee (NWN, Dungeon Siege, Diablo, D2, Morrowind, etc....). But, the only game out there that lets you play in the George Lucas inspired universe of Starwars is SWG:Galaxies.

Many of the MwGL guys can be found playing on the Gorath server, and you can also find some of us on the Corbantis server.

I am currently on Corbantis, on the Planet of Talus, in the city of Nashal. I am a Scout in training, and if you are on the planet and in need of training, /tell me. My name is K'alret. I have all the 1st level scout levels I can teach, and I also have Trapping 2 and Survival 2. Also, I have Intermediate and Advanced Rifle skills I can teach, and also the first level of group tactics. I am willing to teach any of these for free (although tipping is always appreciated).

Seriously, what are you doing reading this? Go buy the game and meet the rest of us in the Universe that is Starwars Galaxies: An Empire Divided.

P.S. if you want to look at some cool screen shots, or learn more about the game, check out a couple of unofficial SWG:Galaxies sites (both of which are better than the official site):SWGalaxies.net and SWG:Allakhazam
10 Comments Posted

#1 by BurnPilot on Tuesday, Jul 1 at 4:41 PM 
That's nice Krogue, don't play with the rest of us.  I see how you are :(
#2 by Kagato on Tuesday, Jul 1 at 7:53 PM I played long enough for them to do a server wipe - guess I made the wrong choice when I started. Took the game back - that'll pay for another 5 months of EQ for me ^_^.
#3 by BurnPilot on Wednesday, Jul 2 at 2:22 AM You must have just picked a bad server man. I haven't heard of any COMPLETE wipes since the servers came up Friday morning (which is when I started playing). I heard of a couple rollbacks but they were only an hour or 2.
#4 by Krogue on Wednesday, Jul 2 at 9:19 AM Yeah, that sounds really odd. Except for the snafus on Thursday and Friday with the log-in servers and registration servers being screwed up, it has been extremely smooth since Saturday. Even the troubleshooting/bitch forums have become amazingly quiet for such a massive launch. Obviously, there have been some small hardware issues and software issues, but that is going to happen anytime. But, so far, I am still having a blast. And, Burn, I will probably come and join you guys in the future, but I am still playing with Rick and Jason and the other guys I played with in Beta. We would have played with the MwGL guys, but there was an issue (which I mentioned in an earlier forum post) that arose with people being in the MwGL Ventrilo Server, so we ended up having to set up our own Ventrilo server, and lost touch with what you guys were doing. Once I get the hang of my character, and start to plateau on skills, I will definitely start another character on Gorath, and start playing there. You know I love you guys.
#5 by BurnPilot on Wednesday, Jul 2 at 8:28 PM Ok, just let us know when you log on to Gorath. I'm starting to get some connections set up so I'm pretty sure I can set you up with whatever you need :)
#6 by Freex of Nature on Friday, Jul 4 at 7:40 AM This game blows. I wouldn't buy this piece of donkey dung even if Natalie Portman told me we'd have a love scene in the next Star Wars movie. Umm...maybe I'm being a little hasty.
#7 by Kagato on Monday, Jul 7 at 10:06 AM I'm kind of leaning with you Freex - there's nearly no content in the game - you HAVE to rely upon other players. Heaven forbid you should be able to just BUY things you need like medicine, weapons, dancers, etc. No no, that'd be too easy, you have to wait/find somebody trained in that field. You walk into a hospital full of doctors, but they're not there to heal you, only to teach you how to heal. And even then, they don't tell you how to do it once you're trained. You can't buy medicine, you have to make it. For all the things they had to cut back to get it out in time, I figured content wouldn't have been one of them. Missions seem like they're a tad too high on skill level to start too - I think they're pushing folks towards groups. I had to kite mobs for nearly an hour with my blaster (marksman) before I finally blew up their little nesting to complete my mission. I found it easier, most of the time, just doing stuff for nobles in town to make some cash.
#8 by Krogue on Monday, Jul 7 at 12:45 PM Hmmm ... I guess I was expecting the world and game that I got. From the get-go, the Developers said that it would be an entirely player-driven economy. No NPC stores, no easily bought materials for item creation. I have been so excited about how the economy is going. I know that in order for my Scout to get that next cool gun, or next cool outfit, I have to find an weaponsmith or tailor, and work out a deal to get them materials, so they can make me what I need. If they don't have the skills to do it yet, than we can go out together on raids, and I can help them level up, so they can provide me with what I need. I find the content of the game immense. Yes, I agree that it would have been nice to have the player-mounts/vehicles ready at launch, and the space travel as well, but I don't know what I would do with them yet anyway. I have too much to do already, with perfecting my skills, and figuring out where I want to be in this galaxy. As for the mobs being too tough ... I think that is the point. They do want people to rely on each other, and to group up. It makes more sense that if I want to take on creatures or NPC's that are more difficult than the greens and blues found right outside of town, that I should have to rely on others to take on the tougher ones. It is amazing how much easier it is, if you only add one or two people to your hunting party. Throw a medic, a pistoleer, and a brawler into a group with a Scout and his rifle, and you have a group that can take on quite a lot. You can make camps, get healed, take shots at long range, and then destroy them up close. Obviously, not every game is going to appeal to everyone, but for the right people (like me), I couldn't have asked for much more ... Except maybe more free time to play it.
#9 by Kagato on Monday, Jul 7 at 1:13 PM Yeah, I suppose I probably should have followed development a tad more - didn't realize they had actually planned on it being a player-driven economy - makes sense, less work and bugs for them to sort out ^_^. Still found these amusing though : http://www.gucomics.com/archives/view.php?cdate=20030630 http://www.gucomics.com/archives/view.php?cdate=20030627
#10 by BurnPilot on Monday, Jul 7 at 2:16 PM I love the player run economy. In fact if there were npc vendors I probably wouldn't have all the cash I have right now. I also have to agree with Krogue about the grouping. While I can easily solo a bageraset or murra lair now (missions which usually net me 1600), grouping definitely adds to the strategic elements in my book. Since I don't make the bulk of my money from missions I also wander around when I don't have a group and simply find people who look like they might be in trouble and help them out. I've met some nice people doing this. All in all this game has exceeded my expectations. Also just ignore Freex, he's in geek denial.

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