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  Monday, May 12, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Desert Combat .35e Released
- Posted 3:41 PM By Kagato
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I'm not sure about you, but the only thing that comes to my mind anymore when somebody mentions Battlefield 1942 is the ever wonderful Desert Combat mod. Well, looks as if there's been a new release (version .35e) today. Weighing in at a whopping 187MB, it appears that quite a lot has been updates as there's a HUGE list of balance/fix issues that've been added for your gaming pleasure. Currently I could only find two links, so have at it :


Now that I can actually get to their homepage without the HTTP:500 error, there's this bit of info to go along with this release:
DesertCombat .35 is aimed as a patch release to .3, it adds mainly bugs fixes and balancing from user feedback, we are listening to everything you are saying and .35 is just that. .35 is not aimed at a huge vehicle release, that will come in .4 but there are some cool new things in .35 such as a new weapons system. Weapons are more accurate now when crouching or lying down, adding to realism. New A-10 cluster bombs, new Iraq BRDM2 Spandrel tank killer as well as some new hand weapons like the Iraq Anti personel mines and Stinger missles for those pesky helicopters.
If I understand it correctly, that means you have to have the previous .3 release installed?
Full Story:
Balance and fix list for .35e:

Added Weapon Handleing System, now guns are more accurate when lying down and crouching
Added new map DC LostVillage
Added new SMAW model and Skin
Added new M16 model and skin
Added new RPG7 model and skin
Added new AK47 model and skin
Added new low detail models for weapons
Added new M1A1 model and skin
Added new Berretta Model and Skin
New BRDM2 Skin
Lowered ZPU smoke
Increased resolution on Blackhawk model skin
Decreased lag from Blackhawk over buildings
Made antipersonel mines more powerful
Added afterburner effects to F16 and Mig29
Added new Tomahawk cruise missle model
New BlackHawk Minigun model and texture
New M25 Sniper rifle model and texture
Fixed extra face in BlackHawk
Made ZPU more powerful
Made M163 Bullets faster
Fixed turret collision mesh on M-1974
Added major AI update for close combat, AI will even use knifes now
Added BRDM2-Spandrel (Has Rocket Launcher)
Fixed AC-130 Pilot seat and Vulcan Entry
Added A10_C (Cluster bomb version)
Added Tomahawk Cruise missle test on fletcher
Fixed Aircraft Carrier Deck layout
Made Tank Shells kill infantry on splash damage
Fixed Helipad rearming
Added Spandrel to most maps
Increased Damage from Hydra rockets to other helicopters
Fixed Market Garden Helicopter loading for Axis
Added Scope to RPG
Added Shake to Axis Sniper
Lowered TOW missle damage
Added LCAC landing craft
Lowered Armour on M-109 and M-1974 to 50 hitpoints
Made Apahce more manuverable
Fixed Hind landing ability
Increased Accuracy of M16
Increased Accuracy of AK47
Increased Accuracy of Mp5
Increased Accuracy of AKSu-74
Increased Range of Remington Shotgun and Siaga12k
Made UH-60 Minigun more powerful against planes
Slightly increased damage radius for minigun
Slightly lowered TOW's strength against tanks
Increased F-16's and Migs ability to take out ground targets.
Increased F16's and Mig's main gun against planes and light armour
Humvees will no longer blow up vehicles when crashing into them
Fixed ZPU lag
Fixed Harrier on Aircraft Carrier Bug
Fixed Aircaft Carrier Icon
Added Binoc back to Sniper
Added Stinger Missle to Antiarmor
Added Anti Personel Mines to Iraq Spec ops
Removed Sucicde Bomber
Fixed Sandbags landing on your head
Lowered UH-60 minigun so it can't kill tanks easily
Lowered UH-60 Minigun splash damage
Made Humvee Faster
Lowered AC-130 howitzer blast radius

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