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  Thursday, Apr 17, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
8 Way Play For Mario Kart GC
- Posted 6:57 PM By Kagato
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Just when you thought Metroid Prime was the main reason to own a Nintendo Gamecube, there comes word that Mario Kart GC will offer 8-way play via the Nintendo LAN system. Woot:
Mario Kart GC is being kept under wraps until the E3 games show in May where Nintendo is said to unveil it. And not before time: Mario Kart GC is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated games for the 'Cube.

However, according to reports, just add another GameCube and copy of Mario Kart GC, and you'll be able to link the two together for 8-player Mario Kart shenanigans. This system works in a similar style to the PlayStation 2 I-Link, but you'll also need two TVs as well. The 8-Player works via two four-player split-screens...
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Source: Computer & Video Games
3 Comments Posted

#1 by BurnPilot on Thursday, Apr 17 at 7:08 PM 
Really looking foward to this game.  Also, Metroid Prime isn't  the main reason to 
own a Gamecube anymore, Zelda took that title from it the day it came out.  Now 
Metroid is the 2nd reason to own a Cube.  These are closely followed by 
multiplayer games for the Cube in general, such as Monkey Ball and Beach 
Spikers :)
#2 by Kagato on Friday, Apr 18 at 7:56 AM m0g - I had forgot about a couple of those - Monkey Ball ownz j00!
#3 by BurnPilot on Friday, Apr 18 at 12:32 PM Didn't you win a Gamecube at that Iowa lan or somewhere? Swear I remember hearing you won one somewhere.

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