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  Thursday, Feb 26, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
We Have Been Published...
- Posted 2:46 PM By Squirre1
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The MwGL has recently had an article published about us on page 31 of the March 2004 edition of Kansas City Computer User...

If you do not get the ComputerUser, you can read it by clicking on the Read More link...
Full Story:
Some of the best computer gaming can only be experienced live and in person via Local Area Network (LAN). To ensure that people were given the ability to enjoy this concept, a group of individuals came together to provide LAN gaming at it's finest. The Mid-West Gaming League was formed in 1997 by Brian Gleason, Patrick Darling, Kyle Vogel and Rick Stewart.

The Mid-West Gaming League (MwGL) was founded to provide many avenues of gaming. First and foremost the MwGL hosts LAN Parties, open to the public, which allows gamers to sit back and play their favorite games with other fellow gamers from all around the Midwest. Gamers from all skill levels attend these parties allowing them to play for fun or to compete in some of the most competitive tournaments around. They also provide news, forums and file downloads allowing visitors to always be informed. Since their conception, they have grown to include up to 20 members dedicated to providing some of the best gaming experiences around. All members are diverse in their capabilities forming what one could call, “a well oiled machine”. With the support of local and national sponsors, the MwGL offers prizes in the form of computer peripherals, software, merchandise and even cash.

Their Website (http://www.mwgl.org) is the focal point of the league. It pulls in many gamers from the Midwest and all over the world. They also host an Internet Relay Chat (irc) room to enable the casual gaming conversations, and to organize on-line tournaments. The forums section shares inside information from other gamers, and allows the league officials to answer any questions from gaming to computer problems.

If you wonder how all of this got started, here is their story.

In 1996 Kyle Vogel, Rick Stewart and Brian Gleason had all first met through a string of personal acquaintances. Later on, Kyle and Rick moved to Autumn Place Apartments in Blue Springs. Kyle states, “When we moved into our apartment, Brian came down to our place a couple of times from Liberty and we would all play LAN games.”

While Kyle and Rick were living in Autumn Place Apartments, they came across additional local people who liked to game as well. Patrick Darling, Roger O’Dell, Philip Hannum and Shaun Bender all started to LAN with Brian, Kyle and Rick on a regular basis.

Well, Brian shortly followed suite and moved his family to Autumn Place Apartments. This gave the group increase space to have friends come over with him moving into the same building as Rick and Kyle.

With Kyle becoming an employee of the apartment complex, they started hosting LAN events in the complex clubhouse and by late 1998 these friends had attracted so many people that they needed a new place to play. The Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce School of Economics became their first outside-of-the-apartment-complex home.

A short time after its creation Patrick Darling stepped down as the league Co-Founder and they had started taking on additional members/officials. They also lost Kyle after he moved to Iowa and Rick after he moved to Southern Missouri. MwGL continued to have 2 or 3 more events at this location and on Feb 17th of 2001 was the last School of Economics event. In March of 2001, the event was held at the American Inn located in Blue Springs only as a cross-road to our May of 2001 event. This is when the league moved into the First United Methodist Church of Blue Springs. During their time at the church, they hit their attendance high with over 80 people showing up to play.

Unfortunately that location was no longer available when the church moved; they later held an interim event at the Blue Ridge Mall. After the event at the mall, a new company was started here in Kansas City that catered directly to the computer gamer. That company was known as Universal LAN.

MwGL had their first event at Universal LAN in the latter part of 2002 and continued to have them every 6 weeks until that ceased operations in the latter part of 2003. At this location they had some of our best competition and largest events peaking at approx 116 attendees with events running longer then 30hrs.

Since their last event in mid 2003 at Universal LAN, MwGL has kept things alive and have continued to persevere. They are still going strong taking on new members who are ready for the next adventure. The Mid-West Gaming League looks forward to the partnership with the First Sunday Computer Expo.

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