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  Wednesday, Feb 11, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Unreal Tournament 2004 DEMO Released
- Posted 10:16 PM By WaRMaN
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It's finally here! The Multiplayer Demo of Unreal Tournament 2004, and you can grab it from us by clicking here. This will give you a taste of what's to come. Head on over to the offical website for a list of all the features to be included in the initial release. The demo will include 5 maps (AS-Convoy, ONS-Torlan, DM-Rankin, CTF-BridgeOfFate, BR-Colossus), 6 game modes (Assault, Onslaught, Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run). It will weigh in at 209 Megs. This is well worth your time to download. Get the demo and we hope to see you guys fraggin' online. This comes just in time for our next event as well. Enjoy!
8 Comments Posted

#1 by Kagato on Wednesday, Feb 11 at 11:16 PM 
Onslaught just simply owns!
#2 by Mojo_jojo on Thursday, Feb 12 at 9:11 AM The train map is most impressive!! I enjoyed playing it very much and especially enjoyed my dual enforcers and my favorite sniper rifle!! woot Woot for dual enforcers!! Nicely Done guys!!
#3 by Reflex on Thursday, Feb 12 at 5:06 PM Oh it's so sexy! I'm loving it.
#4 by Reflex on Thursday, Feb 12 at 5:06 PM I will also say, this is a great piece of ass for lanning.
#5 by BurnPilot on Thursday, Feb 12 at 9:33 PM Assault = good. To bad the game plays so much like Q3 now or it would be really fun.
#6 by Krogue on Monday, Feb 16 at 6:02 PM Ditto Kagato's statement. Onslaught kicks ass. I don't really agree with the Q3 statement. I think it really plays more like the original UT than UT2003 even came close to. I can not wait to play this in a LAN environment. This might even pull me back to FPS game world. Haven't spent much time with an original FPS since Serious Sam and SS2. Everything else has been just more of the same. This is more of the same, but at least it is more of the same kick ass UT goodness.
#7 by Reflex on Monday, Feb 16 at 8:21 PM I agree with Krogue, but then again, I don't know why people keep saying that it plays like Quake3 in a disgusted tone, what is wrong with Q3? Any details you want to share with us?
#8 by Anthos on Saturday, Feb 21 at 11:31 PM F'in HOT!!! (The game, that is)

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