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  Wednesday, Aug 14, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Top 10 PC Games
- Posted 8:24 PM By Kagato
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With all the big named titles that have finally seen the light of day or lack thereof depending on where your PC is located, it's interesting to see which games are leading the pack in sales. For those wanting to know the facts, NPDTechworld has posted its latest top 10 best selling PC games list for the week of August 3rd. Snip:
1) Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos - Vivendi Universal Publishing $57
2) Neverwinter Nights - Infogrames Entertainment $44
3) The Sims: Vacation Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $29
4) The Sims - Electronic Arts $43
5) Grand Theft Auto 3 - Take 2 Interactive/Rockstar $44
6) Backyard Baseball 2003 - Infogrames Entertainment $19
7) MS Zoo Tycoon - Microsoft $27
8) Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Electronic Arts $46
9) The Sims: Hot Date Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $30
10) The Sims: Livin Large Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $29
Hard to believe that out of the top 10 selling games that four of the slots are taken by variations of the ever-popular The Sims titled series!
Source: NPDTechworld
4 Comments Posted

#1 by KaiserRoll on Wednesday, Aug 14 at 10:24 PM 
Eh? Expansion packs actually count as being a game?
#2 by Kagato on Wednesday, Aug 14 at 11:12 PM Apparently so - being that I've never played The Sims or any of the expansions, I've always assumed you had to have the original? Maybe it's some shady accounting practices by EA to make it look like they actually have popular games, haha - I smell Enron / Worldcom / . =)
#3 by WaRMaN on Thursday, Aug 15 at 11:53 AM Allied Assault would be a cool game if they had more dedicated servers Vs joe Public's DSL host. I can't stand joining a game that lags when more than 3 people join. I can't believe this game is still in the ranks with other titles that are being played competitively and are backed up by the community with great MODs. I don't play much RtCW anymore, but it sure seems better supported then AA. I almost don't believe those stats. In reality these are actually stats that stores are buying to stock shelves - not necessarily selling off the shelves.
#4 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Aug 15 at 1:53 PM I am not really sure... They are both rock solid games...RtCW and MOH:AA that is...

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