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  Thursday, Jun 6, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Nvidia Detonator 5 Due Soon?
- Posted 3:01 PM By Kagato
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An interesting little story brought to you buy the folks over at the inquirer. Apparently Nvidia is poised to soon be releasing their Detonator 5 series of drivers for their video adapters. Besides it being the next step in their evolution of drivers, there's news of new performance tweaks:
We got a nice explanation from nVidia here in Taipei, that Anisotropic performance in 28.32 and previous Geforce 4 drivers where not as fast as you might expect because the Nvidia driver team focused on FSAA performance first, since they accepted that as a priority. After that they started to work on improving Anisotrotropic performance, I'm told.

You'll enjoy this driver. It's unusual that you get something extra from a new driver, mostly they're just for bug fixes and the like.
I imagine some of this falls on the heals of news of ATi's upcoming chipsets and Nvidia is wanting to squeeze out every extra bit of strength they can with their current line of cards.
7 Comments Posted

#1 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Jun 6 at 3:10 PM 
This is just NVidia's attempt at trying to save their chip that is beginning to reach 
its limitations...
#2 by Krogue on Thursday, Jun 6 at 3:21 PM Oh, yeah, the GeForce4's have really met their limit. I mean shit, I can't even find games that use the full potential of the current GeForce 4 cards. The last thing I am concerned about is what the next new technology is. It won't be utilized fully by game developers for another 2 years anyway. I will stick to my, as Squirrel put it "chip that is beginning to reach its limitations".
#3 by Tmmick2000 on Thursday, Jun 6 at 3:25 PM Krogue...Try the benchmark from my post today. The Codecreature benchmark will make your Geforce 4 cry like a Biaaaeeech.
#4 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Jun 6 at 3:29 PM That is in reference to the fact that I have not heard any new developements on the NVidia. Hey, maybe I will support NVidia more if I can get that 1.4 from Kagato *grin*, don't make me beg...:P
#5 by Kagato on Thursday, Jun 6 at 3:46 PM There's been talk of Nvidia's next chip - but no official notes or anything thanks to the NDAs. I think ATi will have the same issues though - bandwidth limitations on the AGP (8X is coming baby!) and base CPU speed. While the card itself is a processor in it's own right (GPU), it is still reliant upon the CPU, and the faster CPU you can throw at it, all the better it performs.
#6 by dbh on Thursday, Jun 6 at 7:15 PM Waiting for the NV50 personally. upgrading from GF3 to 4 is a waste of money... the only thing that's new is... umm... performance :P And when your machine already runs the newest at 100+ frames with everything maxed, that's kinda silly :) Btw, download.com no longer hosts the codecreatures benchmark - anyone seen it hosted elsewhere?
#7 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Jun 6 at 7:46 PM You can get it from MajorGeeks: http://www.majorgeeks.com/article.php?sid=1256 All the links work except for the Author Link. I will be adding this to our download section.

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