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  Thursday, Jun 6, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Benchmarks That Will Make Your Pc Cry
- Posted 7:54 AM By tmmicklabs
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Here is some benchmarks for those of you out there that think you have a fast pc. Very nice eye candy if you have a Geforce 3, 4, or Radeon 8500. Good luck.

Click here for 3dmark 2001 SE.

Click here for the Codecreatures benchmark pro.

Click here for the Commanche 4 benchmark.

Click here for the Dungeon Siege Benchmark.

Please post your system specs and results in the comments section.
3 Comments Posted

#1 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Jun 6 at 3:21 PM 
I haven't tried these yet but it is going to suck when my machine only pulls like 7 
frames a second, even if I am lucky...
#2 by Squirre1 on Friday, Jun 7 at 7:49 AM Ok, Here they are... Official Score 668 1600x1200 avg. num. frames/sec: 5.2 max. num. frames/sec: 9 avg. num. polys/sec: 2.5 mio. max. num. polys/sec: 4.3 mio. total frames: 642 1280x1024 avg. num. frames/sec: 7.0 max. num. frames/sec: 10 avg. num. polys/sec: 3.0 mio. max. num. polys/sec: 4.7 mio. total frames: 900 1024x768 avg. num. frames/sec: 8.2 max. num. frames/sec: 11 avg. num. polys/sec: 3.0 mio. max. num. polys/sec: 4.8 mio. total frames: 1073
#3 by Krogue on Tuesday, Jun 11 at 9:53 PM Alright, here are mine Official Score 1334 1600 x 1200 avg. num. frames/sec: 10.5 max. num frames/sec: 13 avg. num. polys/sec: 3.9 mio. max. num. ploys/sec: 6.2 mio total frames: 1380 1280 x 1024 avg. num. frames/sec: 9.8 max. num. frames/sec: 17 avg. num. polys/sec: 3.3 mio. max. num. polys/sec: 4.3 mio. total frames: 1283 1024 x 768 avg. num. frames/sec: 23.1 max. num. frames/sec: 38 avg. num. polys/sec: 7.8 mio. max. num. polys/sec: 10.3 mio. total frames: 3028

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