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  Saturday, Jun 8, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Chaos UT Interview
- Posted 8:51 PM By Anthos
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HomeLan Fed sits down with the Unreal Tournament Chaotic Dreams team to discuss the UT Chaos mod. Here's a snip:
HomeLAN - What plans do you have for the Chaos UT 2003 mod? Will you go for the tried and true weapons and game play options or will there be new content as well?

Chaotic Dreams - The sky's the limit for us at the moment as we have some very creative minds on the team. We will strive to add as much new content as possible. Sure some things will be similar but we do have new things planned. When we started on the CUT version we wanted it to evolve from the Quake2 version. We tried to bring the core elements that help made Chaos what it was. But we tried to improve or enhance them in some way. We will try to follow that same mind set, taking the things from CUT and improving them for the UT2003 version. With Beta 4 we started to branch into Game types with KOTH (as well as TeamKOTH). We would like to follow that and develop more Game types as well as improve on KOTH. As you can imagine we can not give you any exact detail at this time but we will make sure that the version for UT 2003 continues to deliver all that our fans have come to expect from Chaos!
Sounds pretty cool. If you're a UT player and you haven't checked this mod out yet, do so now. And don't forget to read the rest of the interview.
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