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  Monday, Jun 3, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Morrowind Plugins
- Posted 12:35 AM By Curve
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Does Morrowind, the recently released, amazing graphically intensive RPG from Bethesda tickle your pickle? It does? You sick monkey! Well here's a little somethign something for you, Bethesda has released 2 "official" plugins for your installing enjoyment. Guys it doesn't get any easier, it's as simple as point and click. Here's a bit:
Game publisher Bethesda has announced the release of two new official plug-ins for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, its popular fantasy role-playing game. The first plug-in, Area Effect Arrows, adds new specialty arrows that can be obtained from a specific fletcher character in the game. The second plug-in, Bitter Coast Sounds, adds new dragonfly creatures and sound effects to the game. In order to use the new add-ons, the .zip files must be unzipped into the data files directory. Players can then load the game with the different plug-ins selected. Bethesda plans to release additional official plug-ins in the coming months.
And am I just an idiot or is June spelled with an 'e'? Squirre1 is probably just too cool for school and left the 'e' off cause he's a rebel. He is you know. A rebel.
Source: GameSpot (of course)
1 Comment Posted

#1 by Squirre1 on Monday, Jun 3 at 10:22 PM 
Actually the month names are truncated to 3 Characters only, for ex. April would 
be Apr. Hey, but thanks for playing, you can pick up your consolation prize as 
you leave the stage area. :)

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