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  Friday, Jun 7, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Online Game Market Set To Grow According To 'DFC Report'
- Posted 7:44 AM By tmmicklabs
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A new research report from DFC Intelligence forecasts that 114 million people worldwide are expected to be playing online games by the year 2006. Furthermore, online game usage is expected to increase nearly six-fold in that period. According to David Cole, president of DFC Intelligence, "Online games should garner significant usage over the next few years. The major question mark is whether individual companies will be able to monetize that usage."
Further details about the report can be found here.
Source: DFC Intelligence
3 Comments Posted

#1 by Anthos on Friday, Jun 7 at 2:07 PM 
You mean there are people that don't play computer games online?  Weird.
#2 by Tmmick2000 on Friday, Jun 7 at 3:13 PM I don't ever play online. I'm on dail-up =-(
#3 by Kagato on Friday, Jun 7 at 3:50 PM I've gotten to hate playing on-line - but I guess that also boils down to what's considered "online" - if that includes LAN games, then sure, I'm all for it, but I've grown tired of massive online games like EverQuest, DAoC, etc. - they all break down to the same thing - Kill, get loot, rest, repeat. That and as time progresses, you start getting the morons in the game that don't read, can't comprehend english and constantly are asking you for assistance on the same issue. All in all, I have grown to like single player games - for you alone are the hero.

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