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  Friday, Jun 7, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Controversial Windows XP Patch Released To Beta Testers
- Posted 6:44 AM By tmmicklabs
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Beta News has a news story about the release of a beta version of the upcoming Windows XP Service Release 1. This patch will not only address some of the security issues and other bugs that typically exist in any new OS release, but will also deal with some of the fallout from the government Anti-Trust trial. For example, removal of certain elements like Media Player and Windows Messenger will now be possible. Also, some new features will be added, including support for Tablet PC's. The release is tentatively scheduled for late Summer of this year. I'm gonna stay away from this patch like the plague. Click here to read the article.
Source: Beta News
3 Comments Posted

#1 by Kagato on Friday, Jun 7 at 8:58 AM 
Actually for me, the patch helped IMMENSELY. I run a pure SCSI system and 
there is a known issue when running SCSI and NTFS partitions which deals with 
the ntfs.sys file (Q308219) causing slow data move speeds - SP1 included this 
patch. Also it's nice not having to do registry hacks to get rid of unwanted 
applications anymore (Messenger, etc.). Granted I'd wait till it's officially released, 
but I've been running over a day with it - no issues. Though if you registered 
using a "FCKxxxx" license - you'll need to do some changing to get the SP to 
install =P
#2 by Squirre1 on Friday, Jun 7 at 11:04 AM Hey Kagato, it is sounding like you have this already. Can you email me a link to the beta patch or upload it to the members area please. TIA
#3 by Kagato on Friday, Jun 7 at 11:38 AM Well, it's not a full install - it's what they call the Express Installer - it's only a little over 1MB - it then goes to the MS site to pull needed files - doubt many people would find it useful - especially if you don't know how to "fix" XP with a new corporate reg number to run the SP (MS is changing it so hacked/copied versions can run the updates - starting with SP1). I'll upload it later if you like though.

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