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  Friday, Jun 7, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Asheron's Call 2 Interview
- Posted 2:22 PM By Anthos
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Looks mighty interesting. Hopefully when this comes out, they won't make the same launch mistake as the last one and turn many people away from the game. Here's a little bit from the interview:
RPGDot: How many face models are there for each race (not counting the hair)?

Judith: We have six or seven face models for each race, each one of which can be modified by choosing among dozens of styles of hair, beards, etc. The total number of appearances a player can generate goes into the hundreds.

RPGDot: Are there NPCs to interact with? If so, how varied are they?

Judith: AC2 is revolutionary in that there are no true NPCs in the game. Since the game world has recently been devastated and has only recently recovered enough to support adventurers again, there is no place for NPCs to come from! Players will explore, fight, build, and quest by working together and gathering clues from rediscovered relics, talkative monsters, and many other sources that you'll have to see to believe.

RPGDot: How smart are the mobs (mobile objects, aka monsters)? I mean, if I keep showing up at their daycare center, luring single young monsters away to a nasty death, can I do this forever, or do they eventually take action? Is the mobs behavior static, or is there a psuedo random component? By this I mean, if I shoot a mob with an arrow, A) It always chases directly at me, back to the waiting hoards for slaughter, or B) 70% give chase, 20% attempt to use an evasive maneuver, and 10% run for help?

Judith: The monsters in AC2 are far more intelligent, and dangerous, than the ones in AC1. Creatures will have the capacity to respond to threats based off of their level, race, and method of attack. In addition, there will be different variations of existing creatures. Here's an example: The Scowl Drudge you see running at you may not be the brightest creature in the cave, but when its leader, the Murk Drudge is around, watch out. Things could get hairy when it shows up, orienting all of the Scowl drudges to attack your weakest member. Consider yourself warned. Dereth is full of wonders.
So, to read more, click right here. There are also a few screenshots for you to take a peek at.
Source: Blue's Clues
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