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  Monday, Jul 1, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Krogue has been a Bad, Bad, Boy
- Posted 7:08 PM By Krogue
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So I got the obligatory smack down from Squirre1 today, because I have been non-existent from the news posting page for a few weeks *Cough-Cough*. I am sorry I have been slackin, but I have become the new Coordinator and CEO of the Iowa City Chapter of "Neverwinter Nights Anonymous", or the NNA as it is commonly known.

Since I got this game a couple of weeks ago, it has been all I can think about. It has pulled me back to the days when I would call in sick to work to play the first Diablo. Although, I haven't called in sick to work for this game (YET), I have found myself taking long lunch breaks, and leaving right at the 5 o'clock bell just to get some extra chair time in front of the computer.

To help make up for my recent lack of news-mongering, I have posted in the forums under "RPG - Misc. - Neverwinter Nights Help", that I would be willing to help anyone who is having problems in certain areas. I did pony up for the Official Strategy Guide, so I have a complete walkthrough, plus I have been keeping notes in the Journal as to special places and people I have found interesting or helpful. Please feel free to post in that forum with any questions or hints you need. And, I will try my hardest to help you out.

Squirre1, I can't promise that I will get much more news out in the near future (especially since I have 2 more Chapters in this game to get through), but I will try to do as much forum-mongering as I can.
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