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  Thursday, Aug 1, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
America's Army Patch v1.0.1b
- Posted 3:03 PM By Kagato
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While the official America's Army appears to be rather logged at the moment with users downloading the new patch, they have set up alternate links for users to visit to download the update from. You can find updates at Nvidia, GameSpy, IGN, and Gigex. Updates to the new version include:
  • The aao_patch_100to101b.exe fixes the problem some people had when trying to patch their 1.0 game and got errors of registry keys not found. If you had that problem please install this patch. This patch also replaces the original aao_patch_100to101.exe patch.
  • Corrects client and server-side flooding issues.
    -Auth server issues are cleared up now that the game server has enough time and resources to communicate scores.
  • Removes Sniper Rifle bug from random weapon selection (you need to qualify at Sniper School to use these weapons - Sniper School will be available in the next update).
  • Removes Rifle Range exploit of multiple rifles. (Players will have to requalify on the Range when the Sniper Pack is released.)
  • Obstacle course bug fixed
  • Admin Spectator Mode added: Allows admin to spectate anyone in the server.
  • Community Game Server Support added, allowing authentication of registered public servers. All servers will need to pass authentication before players can join them.
  • Dedicated Server executable added.
  • Added Official Server Classification:
    - HomeLAN/Army servers will display "RECON 1.0.1" in the top corner
    - Non-HomeLAN/Army servers that have authenticated will display "Unofficial RECON 1.0.1"
    - Servers without authentication will not allow players to join.
    - Any public server with the cheats enabled will display "(Cheats)" in the top right corner. Ex: "(Cheats) Unofficial RECON 1.0.1" ("Cheats" allow users to select any weapon they'd like, nothing more.)
  • For all notes reguarding this update, head here.
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