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  Thursday, Aug 8, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Day of Defeat v3.1 Release Info
- Posted 2:20 PM By Kagato
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In case you have not yet grabbed your copy of the new ever-popular Half Life mod Day of Defeat, what are you waiting for?! Besides including new anti-cheat protection, there's a fair amount of other updates and fixes, those being:
  • fixed textures problem in basic.wad
  • fixed para round timer not ending round on 0:00
  • fixed +Use exploit
  • added garand\carbine selection to light inf. in normal dod gameplay
  • added thompson\grease gun selection to assault inf. in normal dod gameplay
  • added k43\kar selection to light inf. in normal dod gameplay
  • took away 1 grenade from axis light inf.
  • fixed switching classes while dying sets reinforcements to 0:00
  • added K43 normal gameplay sleeve texture in coding
  • added\Edited Vgui class menus and pics
  • new Bar model tweak
  • I don't think it has yet been added to our download section, but there are over 20 linked sites on the Day of Defeat homepage so there shouldn't be much of an issue finding a viable download.
    4 Comments Posted

    #1 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Aug 8 at 4:19 PM 
    I have added this to our downloads area....
    #2 by KaiserRoll on Thursday, Aug 8 at 7:08 PM I think the downloads page is actually downloading faster now, cool.
    #3 by Kagato on Thursday, Aug 8 at 7:40 PM Yeah, the T1 wasn't enough, I went in there and rigged us up to an OC3 =P Haha (I wish...)
    #4 by Squirre1 on Friday, Aug 9 at 8:23 AM Our T1 rocks... Thanks to our provider CaveNetworks...

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