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  Thursday, Jun 20, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Never Winter Nights Patch
- Posted 8:15 AM By Kagato
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For those of you already playing the just released title Never Winter Nights from BioWare, make sure 'ya head on over and grab the 1.18 patch if you haven't done so via the auto-updater already. According to their site, this patch fixes the following three issues:
  • Fixed the server filter crash
  • Improved client and server stability
  • Fixed the issue with plot items being dragged directly into an inventory bag
  • Grab the patch and head back in, it's a big world in there.
    4 Comments Posted

    #1 by Squirre1 on Thursday, Jun 20 at 8:22 AM 
    That annoys the piss out of me when a game is jsut released and the patch 
    comes out like right before it even hits the shelves...
    #2 by Kagato on Thursday, Jun 20 at 11:40 AM Heh, better than a patch being released before it hits the shelves - I remember that happening earlier this year, trying to remember which game it was. "Oops, our bad, we didn't realize you'd be pissed at paying $50 for a beta version".
    #3 by Krogue on Thursday, Jun 20 at 4:28 PM Yeah, but Squirre1 is just pisssed because every new patch means he has to find a new cracked executable to go along with it. Poor Squirre1.
    #4 by Kagato on Friday, Jun 21 at 12:54 AM ROFL - Yeah, planning on picking up a REAL copy this weekend - still enjoying Warcraft III until it hits the stores.

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