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  Tuesday, Jun 18, 2002 Report News | Archive | Top  
Quake III Fortress v2.2 Released
- Posted 8:06 AM By Kagato
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Players of the father of all First Person Shooters (that'd be Quake III) take note, a new version of the popular Q3A mod Quake III Fortress has been released, bringing you up to version 2.2. Weighing in at 52.7MB, this new update includes 16 new and updated maps as well as a large number of fixes/features (so many fixes that it's too long to post here). Click on the Read More... link below or head on over to the Q3F changelog for a full listing of all the changes made in this version.
Full Story:
Updates/Fixes in Quake III Fortress 2.2:
* Increased nail speed.
* Increased rail projectile speed.
* Fixed bug with explosion knockback.
* Overhauled stun effect.
* Increased Minigunner stun resistance.
* Raised autosentry shock resistance slightly.
* Added the following new maps: Nickelplated, Sewers, Sunburn and Urban Warfare.
* Made 2MachSE, 32Smooth and Last Resort Q3F 2 compatible.
* Added One Flag CTF to Stag.
* Fixed bug on Stag where you could take the flag in One Flag CTF into the lower respawn.
* Repositioned upper and lower respawns on Stag.
* Fixed texture misalignments on Stag.
* Fixed curve LOD problems on Bases.
* Enabled computer damage on Bases.
* Retextured parts of Bases.
* Removed grate between flagroom and water entrance on Bases.
* Tweaked jumppads on Bases.
* Removed leftover clips from FR detable wall on Cathedrals.
* Fixed zfighting on lower resup lifts in Cathedrals.
* Fixed visible caulk faces on Cathedrals.
* Fixed getting stuck below respawn lifts on Cathedrals.
* Fixed func_nobuild entities in blue jumppad lifts on Cathedrals.
* Added colour coding to locations on Cathedrals.
* Made whole civilian team get quad and invulnerability on capping in Civsaw.
* Changed megahealth on Civsaw to give 250 health.
* Reduced the amount of damage the slime in Civsaw does.
* Minigunners now spawn with default grenade count on Civsaw.
* Fixed Civsaw mapinfo.
* Minigunners get 1 teampoint per frag on Civsaw.
* Civilians get 25 teampoints per capture on Civsaw.
* Removed func_bobbing entities from respawns on Forts.
* Fixed One Flag flag entity on Forts.
* Fixed texture problem in Forts entrace floor.
* Fixed respawn point on Forts pointing in the wrong direction.
* Relocated basement resupply on Forts.
* Sniper resupply on Forts now has a seperate entrance and exit door.
* Fixed broken grass in vertexlight on JapanC.
* Walking through the waterfall or sitting in the flagroom pool now extinguishes you on JapanC.
* Added noimpact to water shader on JapanC.
* Fixed visible caulk faces on JapanC.
* Clipped sky over upper respawn room on Muon.
* Fixed flaginfo for dropped flags on Muon.
* Fixed certain teams having HE Charges available to them on Spazball.
* Fixed green and yellow locs on Spazball.
* Extended Spazball mapinfo.
* Changed Well skyportal.
* Added colour coding to certain blue locs on Well.
* Fixed texture misalignments on Well.
* Blowing grate on Well now gives you 5 personal score.
* Increased moving speed of Well front doors.
* Re-added enemy pack in water resupply on Well.

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