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  Tuesday, Apr 6, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
- Posted 9:53 PM By Anthos
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Ever heard of it? I hadn't until about a week ago (thanks Burnpilot and MOMO). Turns out, this game is about the biggest RPG since Diablo! Well, pretty darned good anyway (back off you fanatics!! I have a stick!). So, here's what one reviewer has to say (WoLf at games extreme):
It’s not a genre busting game and it’s not the best thing since sliced bread, or bread that slices itself. What it is however is a damn good game with a solid slice of gameplay and a good chunk of heroic fantasy – it’s got a clichéd story and the feel of it is very generic in places, linear and contrived.

This works in Sacred’s favour as you can explore the world, build up your character the way you want to and not have to worry about which rule system the game adheres to. It’s a refreshing break from the slew of D&D derived games that are here or on the way and I for one love the game to bits.
I loved the demo, myself. I'll be buying the game, as soon as I get my nice fat paycheck this weekend. Here's where you can get the demo and gameplay footage.
2 Comments Posted

#1 by Squirre1 on Friday, Apr 9 at 12:58 PM 
ROFL, that is very small gameplay footage... 
#2 by Anthos on Saturday, Apr 10 at 5:57 AM Hey, nobody said it was a lot :D The demo is much more impressive.

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