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  Tuesday, Apr 13, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Galactic Warfare Tournament/League
- Posted 9:46 AM By Squirre1
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There is a new League/Tournament that is coming out brought to you be the people who create 21stCenturyWarfare.com. It is based off of the recent Galactic Conquest MOD released for BF: 1942. This league sounds like it is going to give you a structure of control by actually having a Military type heirarchy. I would think it is something worth checking out. You can click on the read more for some info pulled from the Galactic Warfare site.
Source: Elessar21CW
Full Story:
Our upcoming Galactic Warfare campaign game will be like nothing you've seen before...unless you've played one of our other tournaments, in which case you have some idea of what's in store for this game. Like our other games, this one will be an ongoing campaign pitting two "armies" against one another in a grand strategy game. At the most basic level, the game will consist of a series of battles, which are fought by playing Galactic Conquest. We'll have a map representing a portion of the planet, and every week, each side will get a number of "moves" which they may use to attack their opponents' bases and/or move their troops around to defend critical sectors of space.

What is Galactic Warfare?
Galactic Warfare is a tournament for the Galactic Conquest mod taken to an Epic Level. Instead of fighting independently or with a small clan-sized group, participants enlist in a massive army of the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance composed of hundreds of players. Each player enlisted only fights on one side (Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance) called a “Division” for the duration of the campaign, so the destiny of every player in that Division rests not only on their own skill, but also on the teamwork and commitment of their teammates. Individual battles take place over 12 hour marathon clashes, across multiple servers, during which dozens of combatants enter the fray and struggle alongside their comrades for as long as they choose. When the battle is over and the smoke clears, the results from all the servers are compiled and the victors secure the region the battle represents.

Between battles, the leadership of each Division selects a planet on the Campaign Map that they wish to assault, represented by a particular Galactic Conquest map. Through a system of competitive bidding, a Force attempts to win the right to be the aggressors for the next battle, sending one of their Divisions to attack a Division of the other side. The Division that loses the bid then must rally their troops together in that Division to defend that planet or face losing control of that planet. This cycle of having the leadership choosing attacks and then the soldiers of the Division compete in the battle continues for several weeks until one Force is eradicated from the Galaxy or some other victory condition is met at the expiration of the Tournament’s schedule.

The Battles
As noted above, the battles between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance will be 12 hour-long struggles for dominance, but it is by no means a free-for-all slugfest. In the time between battles, each side develops and plots their own strategy for how to best ensure victory over their foes. The middle-ranking leadership of each Army will lead their Force in practicing and refining their strategy in the days leading up to the battle so that every grunt or storm trooper is prepared not only in skill but in teamwork and strategy. During the battle, the leadership of each side will direct their soldiers to counteract their opponent’s assaults and adapt their own strategy to take advantage of weaknesses. This way, the battle is an ever-evolving adaptation of strategy made in real-time combat. Keep in mind that due to the scope and duration of the battle, that one can never relax or ease off an opponent that has been beaten back. A team that is forced into a corner during one hour may change tactics and suddenly be the aggressor during the next.

The Leadership
The leadership of each Army is nominated and selected from the retiring set of leaders of the campaign before, based on their belief and recognition of players’ leadership and organizational skills. The highest-ranking leadership is responsible for determining where and when their units will assault their rival’s territory. Below them, the middle ranking leadership organizes their part of the Force, ensuring the players are attending practices and learning the strategies in preparation for the next battle, as well as directing the overall strategy during battle. The lowest ranking leadership will direct specific squads or small task groups during combat and ensuring that strategies are being implemented in an organized way, providing feedback to the leadership above them, and encouraging their allies to fight on.
As each player is committed to serve only one Army during the Campaign, you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in battle by your willingness to follow the orders of your superiors and by demonstrating exceptional skill, courage, and creativity in the face of a relentless opponent. By doing so, you raise yourself above your peers and become a candidate for being promoted to a leadership position: setting the stage for your climb into the ranks of the upper echelons.

Getting Started
Every new player has the opportunity to participate in the Tournament for FREE! When you register, you will be logged into our system and your information will be approved to enter our servers with the passwords provided to you by your Leadership. Then you are welcome to take part in our Community Forums, hang out in our IRC Channels, participate in practices and scrimmages, and of course, wage war against your rivals in real-time battles that determine the fate of the Galaxy. After registering you will have a couple of weeks to get to know the community and have a chance to see how the tournament works. Then, if you want to continue to participate, you will need to pay the enrollment fee (or find a sponsor willing to pay it for you), which will permit you to continue to participate through the end of the campaign.

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