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  Thursday, Apr 29, 2004 Report News | Archive | Top  
Spell Force - The Order Of Dawn
- Posted 9:40 PM By Anthos
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Okay! I've found my new favorite game. Well, at least I hope it will be. I haven't bought it, yet; but this game looks awesome! GameSpot says it's a "splendid mix of Warcraft 3 and Dungeon Siege". Very cool. Graphics look awesome, gameplay looks awesome. Everything about it just shouts GOTY. Here's a "summary of the most important features":

  • Innovative game design: The unique mixture of RTS and RPG elements offers a brand new game experience.
  • High degree of identification with the hero-avatar, whose skills and strengths can be improved by the player
  • Click'n'Fight: This revolutionary control system guarantees instant action, the best possible overview and completely new tactical possibilities in battle
  • 6 races - Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and Trolls - that can be used simultaneously (!) to build settlements and fight battles
  • More than 30 different enemy races, from cowardly goblins to powerful demons and dragons
  • A multitude of spells, divided into different categories of magic (white, black, elemental, etc.)
  • Persistant game world with continuous, gripping storyline and myriad sub-quests
  • Awe-inspiring 3D graphics with zoom levels from isometric to 1st-Person-views
  • For some very pretty screenshots, click here. Oh, and it's in stores now for $45-$50.

    3 Comments Posted

    #1 by Reflex on Sunday, May 2 at 5:47 PM 
    It's not that great, you will probably be disapointed.
    #2 by Anthos on Monday, May 3 at 7:03 AM :( Really? That's too bad. So much potential.
    #3 by Reflex on Monday, May 3 at 2:24 PM I haven't really played much, so don't take my opinion to heart.

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